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Tuesday 12 August 2014

My “Khoobsurat” Moment with Casting Creme Gloss

My “Khoobsurat” Moment with Casting Creme Gloss

I was quite happy that my hair coloring experience was extremely good with Casting Crème Gloss. I remember, after the hair wash, when my hair were still wet, I could not feel any significant difference in the final outcome though as soon as they get hair dried. I rushed to the balcony to check out how they look in the natural light. 

I gazed into the mirror, tilted my head to the left, checked my hair color. I was thrilled that it was exactly I wished for, a couple of shades lighter than my original dark brown. While I saw still busy gazing and checking the color from every possible angle. (yeah, that can get a bit weird at times.) The morning sun was bright, a ray of sunlight just touched my strands, making my hair burst with sheen and there I got my "Khoobsurat" Moment. The hair color looked really fascinating. I could run my fingers effortlessly in my smooth, thicker locks which weren't even styled then.

There was a healthy bounce in my hair which made them appear beautiful or I should say made me feel pretty! I thought colouring my hair would damage them but I was so wrong about it. Now, I can try so many new hairstyles as well with these coloured hair. Know more here at:

My mum kept asking me which color is that? It looks fabulous and she just can't help staring at me. She is not into hair colouring at all but she was bombarding me with questions. She wanted the same shade for herself from the same brand. She kept on stroking my hair and complimenting on their smooth texture which wasn't the same before.
The other day, while we were busy with the Rakshabandan celebrations. I wasn't well my faced looked tired and lifeless. I was still under the effects of the heavy medications. Amidst all that, My cousins stopped and asked, "How did you manage to visit the salon when you're not even well? Your hair look so beautiful." I smiled and said "I colored my hair at home yesterday"  She couldn't believe that it could be that easy to do at home with such good results. 
I really can't tell, how that compliment lifted my spirits and made me feel "khoobsurat"
I feel, when you have a hair color that goes really well with the complexion, it really makes a difference. It indeed makes you "khoobsurat"!!

Check my hair Color pictorial post here:

My “Khoobsurat” Moment with Casting Creme Gloss Reviewed by Niesha on 8:39 pm Rating: 5 My “Khoobsurat” Moment with Casting Creme Gloss I was quite happy that my hair coloring experience was extremely good with Casting Crèm...


  1. Your post reminded me of my khoobsurat moment when I saw my beautifully highlighted hairs after returning from parlour.

  2. WOW ! Hair color looks Beautiful <3
    Lovely FOTD Babe - I wish I could color my hair ;)

  3. you look beautiful and your new hair color suits your complexion

  4. U really look very prettyy.. your hair are so shiny and healthyy.. <3

    U got new haircut too..??


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