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Saturday 9 August 2014

I Colored My Hair with Casting Crème Gloss: Pictorial

I colored my hair with Casting Crème Gloss: Pictorial

Hey girls!!
I know I am not being regular. I am unwell. :(  but No worries!! I have this post for you where I colored my hair, which I mentioned in the previous post as well. I have been thinking of coloring my hair a shade lighter but due to tight schedule, couldn’t help myself with it. Now finally I did that yesterday.
I have started trusting this hair color brand as have used it earlier. I actually have used them thrice and every time the experience was good which made me choose them this time too for my self hair coloring session.

About the Product- Enriched with Royal Jelly, a naturally occurring substance known for its rare nutritive and rejuvenating quality, Casting Crème Gloss ensures that post coloring hair is left revitalized with a glossy shine.
Its crème formula contains a special patented conditioning complex that helps protect the hair fiber inside and out for exceptionally soft and voluptuous hair.
It is easy to apply, takes just 20 minutes and comes in a do-it-yourself kit which saves unnecessary trips to the parlor.

For the ingredients and other safety measures. Check out these pictures here:

The hair color comes with a developer, cream colorant, hair conditioner, hand gloves and a leaflet for the instructions.

Creme colourant

Hand Gloves

Hair Conditioner with royal jelly

You can watch this Video here on "How to colour your hair in under 20 minutes" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsb6XVDtTDk

Okay so let’s get started and tell you how I did it:
1. I read the instructions carefully. Make sure that you don an old or dark colored T shirt so that there is nothing to worry even if it gets soiled with the color.
2. I wet my hair and towel dried them as it’s an essential step according to the instructions.
3. After that, I broke the seal of the tube of the colorant and squeezed out all the colorant in the Developer crème bottle. This needs to be shaken vigorously till the time both the ingredients mix up well. This process takes at the most 5 minutes. 
This is how the bottle looks once the contents are mixed up well.

4. Once I was sure that they both have mixed up well. I broke the tip of the nozzle of the developer cream.
5. I wore the gloves and sectioned my hair, applied some of the mixture, rubbed and massaged them well and moved on to the next section.
6. After this step, I focused on the mid length and the ends of the hair, taking care that every strand should be coated well. This entire process took me around 10 minutes after which I left the color to develop for 20 minutes.
have a look at the pictorial below:

7. After 20 minutes, I head over for a shower, I used lukewarm water and rinsed out the color. The color starts to drip down and it was removed quite easily from the scalp and skin nearby.
8. My wash was complete! It’s time for the conditioner. I used the conditioner very generously on my hair and left for 2-3 minutes, after which I rinsed my hair again.
9. Everything’s done! I let my hair air dried and honestly didn’t feel the urge to brush them as they were extremely soft and shinier. This is what I like about this hair color, there s no damage to hair at all, instead hair becomes voluminous and bouncier!

Regarding the color, it came out as I desired, a couple of shade lighter than my natural dark brown hair. It isn’t too light but just the right shade of brown. Praline.
The hair that you see in the picture are not styled or combed yet they look quite manageable.
I can’t wait to style them and show you in my upcoming post!

Till then bye bye!!
Have a nice day!
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  1. I would love to try it now :-)..got the Mahogany one

  2. I have used it niesha..its wonderful..
    Great review sweetie ..get well soon..x

  3. wow visible difference... nice post :)

  4. oooh I love the shade on u! You have such pretty hair babe!


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