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Saturday 30 August 2014

Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review

Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review
Hey all!
I love scrubs, they can be aptly called as must have beauty product to include in the skin care regimen. I will review Himalaya Neem face scrub which I had used for some time but I couldn’t continue using it for a longer time. Keep on reading to know why it’s that. Why this Neem face scrub here couldn't impress me much! 

Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review

ClaimsHimalaya Neem face scrub is specially created to give you clear skin. This face scrub works as a dual exfoliation and purifying action. Neem is well known for its purifying action and anti bacterial properties. It has apricot granules which take off dead skin cells, blackheads gently leaving skin clear and blemish free.”

Views on Himalaya Neem Face Scrub: Okay, so the packaging is the same Trademark of Himalaya products. Nothing to talk much about. The Neem face scrub smells mild exuding smell of neem with some other scent along with that.

Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review

I find the density of the apricot particles in this face scrub to be quite low. Actually there is a creamy base with some fine neem particles and apricot granules; I would have liked the density of these granules to be a bit more as while using this scrub I didn’t get the complete or thorough exfoliation experience.
And also while using this Neem scrub the creamy base is too sticky as in like a shower gel types and when I try to remove it, there is this feeling that makes me keep splashing water. It feels sticky which which I don't want.
Honestly, I didn’t like this Neem face scrub for my combination skin. The creamy base is too creamy for my skin type and the density of particles is not as per my liking. 

But that doesn’t make this a bad product as on the other hand, It can be a good face scrub for people with dry skin or sensitive skin as the creamy base  of this face scrub and the low amount of apricot granules will gently slough off dead skin cells, exfoliate and hydrate at the same time.

Pros of Himalaya Neem Face Scrub
Good for dry and sensitive skin
Hydrates the skin
Exfoliates gently

Cons of Himalaya Neem Face Scrub
Apricot particles could have been more
Too creamy base for oily to combination skin
Skin feels a bit slimy after using this

Rating: 3 out of 5

Take: I will recommend this Neem face scrub to dry/ sensitive skin rather than oily to combination skinned people as I personally find it too greasy and creamy for my combination skin with very low density of granules.
Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review Reviewed by Niesha on 3:11 pm Rating: 5 Himalaya Neem Face Scrub Review Hey all! I love scrubs, they can be aptly called as must have beauty product to include in the skin care re...


  1. You saved our 130 bucks dear...this was the only one left for me to try. rarely it happens Himalaya fails.

  2. Have heard a lot about it but will skip it as i too have oily skin!

  3. Wow, nice review! Would love to try because I have dry skin.

  4. I didn't like this one. Also the Neem Face wash didn't do anything for my acne. So I have completely stopped using Himalaya. Great review dear...

  5. Same here Neish this product didn't work for me either :( gave breakouts :'(

  6. Yea...I agree Niesha! This made me kinda greasy too...Its best suited for dry skinned beauties...Lovely Review! :)

  7. I had tried this long time ago. Though the cream did not irritate my skin, the granules eventually did. :(

  8. I have used another variant from himalayas and felt the same... will skip this.


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