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Monday 14 July 2014

Vivel Perfect Glow SPF 15 Review

Vivel Perfect Glow SPF 15 Review
Post by Priyanka

Hey there!
Seeing as I suffer from a very severe sun allergy the one thing that I am always on the lookout for, is an effective product that offers broad spectrum protection while at the same time keeps the skin supple and not greasy. When I saw this Vivel product that claimed to fulfill my above mentioned requirements I immediately pounced on the product. Looking at the MRP I realized that it is also wallet friendly, so there’s my first pro about this Vivel Perfect glow Multi layer skin tone corrector with SPF 15. Quite a lengthy name!

Vivel Perfect Glow SPF 15

Price : 69 INR (Really inexpensive)
Claims: Vivel Perfect Glow is fortified with the revolutionary Intensive Vita Pro Complex that effectively targets dark spots at every layer of the skin and its Anti-Oxidant Action protects the skin from harmful UV radiations of the solar spectrum to give you flawless even-toned skin. What's more ! Broad-spectrum SPF 15 protects your flawless glow from the sun damage.
Nourishment at every layer of the skin
Anti-Oxidant action
Dermatologically Tested and Clinically proven

My take on product: I bought this Vivel Perfect Glow SPF 15 when my trusty French L’Oreal sunscreen got over and I was in dire straits to find a replacement, seeing as that particular one isn’t available in India. While I didn’t exactly think that all the claims would be fulfilled, I did hope that atleast a few would be. 

Vivel Perfect Glow SPF 15

The first claim of broad spectrum sun protection does seem true to a certain extent seeing as I didn’t suffer from sun tanning or any adverse sun allergic reaction while using this product, but please note that I used this product in tandem with another sunscreen because SPF 15 isn’t enough for someone allergic to the sun. 

Vivel Perfect Glow SPF 15

It is moisturising to a certain extent, but severely dehydrated skin may not find this enough. It certainly doesn’t have a greasy finish, instead it almost has a semi matte finish but the problem is the whitish cast that it leaves behind that looks a tad awkward on dusky beauties.
The packaging is attractive and travel friendly. The squeeze-nozzle dispensing system helps in keeping the product uncontaminated and thereby, hygienic.
What I like about the product:
Decent amount of product for the price
Easy to apply
Travel safe packaging
Not greasy
Only a small quantity is required per application
Didn’t break me out

What I dislike about the product:
No way of knowing how much product is left
Horribly long ingredients list
SPF 15 is very low for daily use
None of the claims of either whitening or nutritive moisturization have come through
Horrendous whitish cast on application
Insufficient moisturization for dry skinned beauties
Contains parabens

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 
Would I repurchase the product?
Nope! It wasn’t all that effective for me.
Vivel Perfect Glow SPF 15 Review Reviewed by Niesha on 9:02 pm Rating: 5 Vivel Perfect Glow SPF 15 Review Post by Priyanka Hey there! Seeing as I suffer from a very severe sun allergy the one thing that I...


  1. Sounds okay okay but really inexpensive.

  2. want to give a try on this dear:)nice review

  3. I wont bother fr this cream at all.. Thanks fr the review :)

  4. oh gosh such a dud. I have never tried Vivel products and I don't think I want to anymore :p

  5. oh whitish cast. such a dud product! Great review dear!

  6. thanks for the review... will skip it :)


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