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Thursday 17 July 2014

Glam Up Powder Cream Review, Price and How to use

Glam Up Powder Cream Review
Hey girls!!
I have been watching this product’s advertisements going on air since really long and finally, I persuaded myself to try this Glam-Up Powder Cream. The first impression that I had was thinking this product to be okay as never heard about this brand before. I was thinking it to be something on the terms with BB creams that we have here.
Price: It is for 150 rupees and is 25 grams.
This cream comes in a tomato red tube with a nozzle that makes it easy and hygienic to use.

Glam Up Powder Cream Review
Now, the first thing that I noticed was that this  cream doesn’t have a smooth texture. It is gritty and looks like a powder suspended in an emulsion. Though once applied blends well. It was my short experience while I applied it on the back of my hand but when I smelled it, it left me wondering, how can a face product have such strong smell. This so called powder cream has a very very strong smell which is far from being called as pleasant. This strong artificial fragrance was overpowering that I instantly felt nauseated. Trust me, it is not for someone with sensitive nose. Are you listening glam up cream makers?
Glam Up Powder Cream Review

This one feature was adequate enough for me not to try it on my face at all. I dread Whiteheads and skin problems! Products with strong fragrances indicates the presence of loads of chemicals and such products should be avoided at least for the face especially if you have sensitive skin. 
Even if I have rubbed off this powder cream off my hand, it will still emit the same tacky strong fragrance. Such strong smelling products can cause skin problems and irritations and by the way did you see the long list of chemicals?Do check the picture above.
I tried it on my hand and it get blended with some efforts but leaves a white cast and skin looking greasy.

Glam Up Powder Cream Review
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Glam Up Powder Cream Review

I have not used it on my face honestly and I will not recommend you to try it even. I bought it only to review for you guys. Sadly, it is really not worth it. After reviewing so many products I can tell most of the times, if a product will clog pores or not and this is one such product that will clog pores if you have oily skin. Price was okay for that product but what’s the use if the product is a dud!!  Would rather recommend Ponds BB cream.

Pros of Glam Up Powder Cream
Tube packaging
Blends okay

Cons of Glam Up Powder Cream
Gritty texture
White cast
Weird strong smell
Feels greasy
Not at all for oily skin

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Take: A big NO from me but if you don’t mind the overpowering smell and have this curiosity to try this Glam-up powder cream then go ahead! but still I would say, there are other fishes in the pond! Better ones.

Glam Up Powder Cream Review, Price and How to use Reviewed by Niesha on 1:23 am Rating: 5 Glam Up Powder Cream Review Hey girls!! I have been watching this product’s advertisements going on air since really long and finally,...


  1. When this was launches I was excited so excited but thankfully I didn't invested in this.

  2. I was thinking of trying it but now matlab hi nahi banta! Thankyou for the honest review doll!

    Happy thursday!

  3. ugh such a dud. I bet many ppl bought it after that ad. well reviewed hun!

  4. My sixth sense warned me not to try this, So i din't hehehe and see how right it was!! LOL
    Thankx for sharing, you saved many!!

  5. Such a bummer!! Thank you so much for the review.

  6. The ad made it look so nice but thanks to beauty bloggers who reviewed it!! :P

  7. I was always intrigued by that ad..thanks for the review ! :D

  8. Even i am watching this advertisement in tvs..i donf koniw some how i thought its not gooc..ur review proves

  9. yeah me too saw the ad so many times. thanx for the review Nieshu!

  10. Somehow I felt that this would be a dud. Thanks for the review :)

  11. I hated its adv too..and now it is approved to be a dud.. :P

  12. Oh My...This looks terrible nd such a dud....Will stay away from it :(


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