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Sunday 29 June 2014

9 Moisturizers for Men in available in India

Moisturizers and Skin Creams for Men in India 
Hello Guys!!
Now Today’s post is only for your interest. I will be sharing some commonly and easily found skin creams and moisturizers for men in India. Gone are the days when the skin care and grooming was only confined to women as these days products specifically formulated for men's skin are entering the market and their popularity has proved that even men want to attain and maintain a good healthy skin. Nothing's wrong in that honestly! Even some of the Online shopping sites have this section dedicated for men’s skin care and hygiene products.
So, here are some of the Moisturizer and skin creams available in India for Men:
Nivea for Men Advanced Whitening Moisturizers:
Now there are 3 different types of moisturizers and they have been tried by someone from my family. As this range has got 3 variants even I used to get confused which one they are referring to. So to clarify. The 3 variants are as follow:

1. Nivea for Men Advanced Whitening Dark Spot Reduction Moisturizer with SPF 30
This is a light weight moisturizer for men that targets the dark spots so if you have some acne marks or spots then this can be a good choice. It is priced at 90 rupees for 20 ml
2. Nivea for Men Advanced Whitening Oil Control Moisturizer
This moisturizer targets the excessive oil production hence, ideal for oily skin. It is priced at 99 R for 15 ml pack.
3. Nivea for Men Advanced Whitening Cell Repair Moisturizer with SPF 15.
This is the regular moisturizer when you don’t want oil control or any spot reduction just a normal regular light moisturizer, then this is for you.
I would recommend that once you have tried any of these and wants to repurchase then you should buy the bigger pack as you will be getting extra quantity. All three of these have their own face wash for men to go with. If you are choosing a moisturizer, try and pick the face wash as well. No, I am not promoting Nivea It’s just that I have seen it the most in my house. :D

Garnier Men Powerlight Intensive Fairness Moisturiser
Garnier was the pioneer in launching the men's skin care product. The cream has a light texture and gets absorbed really well. My brother is using it so, you can expect a detailed review in a couple of days. It has SPF 15 which is good to get some sun protection. It is priced at 85 rupees for 20 grams and 170 INR for 50 g.
Brand says "Garnier Men PowerLight is the 1st moisturiser for men with a fairness performance so intense that you can now measure it. Intensive visible fairness performance from 1st application: Enriched with brightening lemon extract that helps remove dark dead cells, it reveals visibly fairer and smoother skin immediately."

Emami Fair and Handsome
With Shahrukh Khan being the brand ambassador I am sure, many of you would be aware about it. It is priced at 90 rupees.
Brand says "Unique 5 Power Formula for Tough Male Skin. Double-Strength Peptide Complex patented in the USA, effectively penetrates tougher male epidermis to regulate melanin production. Revolutionary double power sun guards counter overexposure of male skin to sun and protect it from harmful UV rays. Breakthrough anti-bacterial agents actively protect skin from pollution and dark shadows caused by daily shave, nicks and cuts. Sensational nutra-complex relieves stress and fatigue signs. Removes dead cells and revitalizes skin. A unique combination of cool herbs like Vetiver, Mint and Liquorice makes skin fair and fresh with a pleasant cooling sensation."

Vaseline Men face Whitening Anti Spot Oil control Face cream
Vaseline is a trusted and old brand. This face cream is for oily to combination skin. It is priced at 75 rupees for 30 g.
Brand says "Fairer skin in 2 weeks, 12 hours oil control. This gives instant whitening to skin and comes with triple pro vitamins and sunscreens. It is enriched with antioxidants. That effectively works on sun spots and acne spots. Gently removes pimple marks freckles and dark patches. Vaseline Men Anti Spot Whitening Face Cream results in visibly fairer skin gently removing dark spots and patches if used regularly.”

VLCC Men Active Light fairness Moisturiser
It’s a light quick to absorb moisturiser that is oil free and is for oily skin. It is priced at 175 rupees for 75 ml.
Brand says “It is an oil-free moisturiser that works against skin darkening and reduces dark spots. It is enriched with Mint and Mulberry extracts which lightens skin tone making it visibly fairer over time. SPF 20 protects against sun´s harmful UVA & UVB rays, preventing tanning & skin darkening while active AHA´s helps even out skin tone."

Pond’s Men Moisturisers
This is the latest range for men that has entered the market. It has two different variants.
1. Pond’s Men Energy Charge Moisturiser
It contains Coffee Bean Extract, known for its skin care benefits & anti-oxidant properties. It smoothens the skin and brightens the face. Priced at 85 rupees for 20 g.
2. Pond’s Men Oil Control Moisturiser
It is formulated for oily acne prone skin and has Mineral clay that absorbs the excess oil, salicylic acid to combat acne and pimples along with Witch hazel extract that minimizes the appearance of pores on the face. It is also priced at 85 rupees for 20 g.

Both of these have their own face wash.
Now that you know about the available options for you, I hope it will be easier for you to pick the one as per your skin type.
Hope the post was helpful.
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9 Moisturizers for Men in available in India Reviewed by Niesha on 4:09 pm Rating: 5 Moisturizers and Skin Creams for Men in India   Hello Guys!! Now Today’s post is only for your interest. I will be sharing some common...


  1. This is a great post! It was highly needed. My guy friends keep asking me for products for men and now I'll just tell them to check out indian beauty forever :D

    1. haha.:D I faced the same thing that's why posted this. :)

  2. Superb Article. Finally found the information I was looking for.


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