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Thursday 8 May 2014

Oriflame Optimals Foaming Gel Cleanser Review

Hey girls!!

I will review Oriflame Optimals white Foaming gel cleanser today that actually took a lot longer for me to review! I have reviewed the Oriflame optimal white toner already. When the weather changes, those who have combination skin like me, have to literally struggle with the products since the products that had worked in winters tends to get greasier and the ones that were good throughout the summers, no longer fares adequately during winters.

I was using soulflower cleanser along with cetaphil at times and when this arrived it was the right time as I in anyways, I wanted to switch to a new cleanser which was supposed to be from L’Occitane but for no reason I chose this. 

Oriflame Optimals Foaming Gel Cleanser

Oriflame has recently come up with a new range called Optimals white that has got cleansers, toners, day creams, night creams and eye creams for different skin types. I got this entire normal to combination skin range, that I have been testing from the past one month. These products have been already included in the catalogues.

Here's the entire range, if you want to have a preview.

Oriflame Optimals white range
Price: Oriflame Optimals Foaming gel cleanser is priced at 499 Rupees for 200 ml bottle.

Views on the products:

The Optimal white face cleanser comes in a tall 200 ml bottle with a pump dispenser. The actual product is a clear gel like as the name says and has a runny consistency. It smells plant-ish or more like mild herbal preparations. Usually, I stay away from most of the foaming face wash as most of the times they would just strip away the moisture leaving my skin taut, which isn’t something I would appreciate as my skin would then produce more oils to combat which further adds on to my worries in the form of skin problems! I personally think that foaming face wash works the best for very oily skin.

Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel Cleanser

Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel Cleanser

It lathers mildly, not creamy but rather frothy, While its washed, it seems like getting rid of some shower gel from your face doing which requires comparatively more water. Even if, I massage my face with this a little longer than usual, it doesn’t dry out or won’t make my skin slimy/greasy as if it hasn’t cleaned or removed the sebum/dirt properly. I really like the way it gently cleanses.

It fares like what I needed at the moment, non drying yet cleanses well. I have already used one third of the bottle which has lasted around a month approximately. Taking this into account, this will last me for more than two and half months if not 3 therefore, for me price is not a problem. I can’t see the quantity inside but it feels as if one third amount has gone.

I think it’s going to suit normal skin in the same way though I think for very oily skin, it obviously will not since it’s not formulated for the same.

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Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel Cleanser

I read that it has some whitening thing which I haven't seen/noticed yet nor I am hoping to see but I am pleasantly surprised that since the time I am using this and the toner from the same range, I feel my skin is getting better as in the occasional breakouts aren’t there. My skin looks more even toned as compared to Feb and March when it was not behaving nicely let me blame it on the changing weather then. In short, It suits me really well.

Pros of Oriflame Optimals Foaming gel cleanser:

Quantity for the price


Cleanses well

Non drying

Pump pack is easier to use

Lathers mildly and frothy (easy to work with)

Little bit is sufficient

Doesn’t irritate the skin

No break outs due to this

Mild plant like smell

Cons of Oriflame Optimals Foaming gel cleanser:

Not for very oily skin

Haven’t noticed whitening yet

Rating:  4.25 out of 5

Take: Oriflame Optimals Foaming gel is gentle cleanser formulated for combination to normal skin that cleanses really well, gets rid of the sebum, impurities dirt etc and won’t dry out or irritates the skin. Very appropriate for combination skin as a daily cleanser.
PR sample though the views are not affected!
Oriflame Optimals Foaming Gel Cleanser Review Reviewed by Niesha on 1:39 pm Rating: 5 Hey girls!! I will review Oriflame Optimals white Foaming gel cleanser today that actually took a lot longer for me to review! I hav...

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