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Monday 5 May 2014

Makeup Topic: Face Contouring

Makeup Topic: Face Contouring 
A month ago or so, I have shared an article on highlighting and how it adds more dimension to your face. There, I mentioned, highlighting with contouring gives even more dramatic effect that is picture perfect especially for your evening makeup though it depends on the individual whether to go for highlighting alone or just the contouring. When it comes to makeup, there aren’t any hard and fast rules which mean if something, like a technique, method or tip is working well for someone, then the same may not give the similar results to someone else. It happens therefore; this is where playing with the makeup comes into place. The more you try, the better you will be at it and will get to know what suits and works for you the best. 

Anyways, in this post, I will talk about contouring. I still remember how I used to avoid it just for the reason that it looked muddy on me. There can be two possibilities either the product I was using wasn’t meant for me (complexion) or blame it on my technique. I knew the former was the reason. I was using a contouring powder that was way too grayish for my skin tone that end up looking muddy against my skin color!

Contouring means making the desired area that you wish to contour 2-3 shades darker usually unless you wish to go for overtly dramatic outcome. The principle behind shading those areas is quite simple. Comparatively darker parts will recede that bring a more defined look especially in photos where you view the images as 2 Dimensional which is why your face tends to look flatter and chubbier than it is in person, this is where contouring helps.
For contouring you’ll need two things a contouring product and an angled contouring brush preferably of medium size.
Contouring product can be cream based or just like the regular pressed powder form. I haven’t tried the creams yet but still can say that powders are easier to work with especially when you are a beginner.
For natural face contouring, try to find a shade that is two to three shades darker than your complexion. I use Sleek’s face contouring kit in Light. Never use a powder that has cool undertones, if your skin happens to have prominent yellow tones, the powder should have warmer hues so that it gels well and shouldn’t look grayish or muddy against your skin.
Areas you can contour: You can contour your nose to give it a slimmer or shorter look, forehead to make it appear smaller, sides of the face to cut down the width if your face is wider than longer, Jaw line to define the jaw area and the very important by default your cheekbones.
Nose: To contour the nose you swipe the powder on the sides of your nose, if it is wider or a little bit on the tip, if it’s a bit too long. It should ideally start from the sides of the bridge of the nose to make it look natural though for closely set pair of eyes, this step should be avoided rather start the contouring a bit below the bridge. For nose contouring use a smaller flat brush and then you can blend it with your fingers afterwards.
Forehead: For wider forehead swipe on the sides and top. For smaller forehead just stick on the sides blending the edges well.
Jawline: Run the brush across the jaw line till the earlobes. For a longer chin, swipe a bit horizontally over the tip of the chin!
Cheekbones: Make a fish face and then contour the hollows of your cheeks. Start with taking lesser product on the brush as you can build it later on. Don’t take this too close to the corner of your mouth.

To put the contouring altogether, from the temples/sides of the face till the ears, going diagonally in the hollows of your cheekbones and from there till the jawline should form a shape of 3 though not perfectly but kind of. Doing this won’t make it look obviously or unnatural. It will appear more put together and blended with the entire makeup and the rest of the face.
For the day time keep contouring really subtle though can be a bit level up for the evening makeup and it also depends on the occasion, you are getting ready for or your preference in the first place! Remember, you should be comfortable in what you’re doing or wearing!

So, that was all from contouring.
Do let me know if you have any queries or suggestions.
Makeup Topic: Face Contouring Reviewed by Niesha on 12:35 am Rating: 5 Makeup Topic: Face Contouring   A month ago or so, I have shared an article on highlighting and how it adds more dimension to your face....

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