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Thursday 29 May 2014

Hair care routine, My hair story and some tips

Hair care routine, My hair story and some tips

A couple of you have mailed me asking about my hair care routine hence, I decided to do a post about whatever I do for my hair and some tips that I learnt. But before that I would share my hair story with you so that you know exactly what’s my hair type is and what were the problems I was struggled with? If you want you just read the hair care routine, then you may scroll down to the routine part.

Okay so, as a child I was born with thick really thick and luxurious dark brown hair. They were really silky and smooth. In spite of being the least pampered part of me, still they were in best condition I would say! Yes, I am praising myself here, but that was something I had heard from everyone and was true. When I went to college, my experiments started. Heat styling, coloring and what not. I assume you can relate that. Once, I even dyed my hair close to reddish pink.

A year or so ago, L’Oreal Paris busted the myth that hair coloring cannot lead to hair fall which I would say is true.  But I colored my hair thrice in a week to get some exact shade and when I ended up with a reddish pink head, I have to dye it back to their normal brown. I mean dull looking bleached brown which is my actual hair color. The pictures that you see are with flash therefore, they appear dark brown.
So, with all that abuse, neglecting  hair care, brushing wet hair harshly while in hurry lead to something that I have never imaged and that was hair fall, split ends and rough frizzy hair.
All that was just because, I took them for granted and that is why now, If I advice DO NOT do something related to your hair, then I genuinely mean it as I have been there and really don’t want that you should commit the same mistakes.  
Now that I kind of restored their beauty back minus the lost volume of course which will take time, I thought it will be good to share the routine and some tips.

Hair Care Routine
I usually shampoo and condition my hair twice or thrice a week depending on the need. Currently, I am using Garnier Fructis long and Strong shampoo and conditioner. If you remember, we had done a test on this range and since then I am stuck with it. Apart from the shampoo and conditioner, I use this Tresemme Anti hair fall Hair mask after every 3-4 hair washes. It’s already been reviewed and I am left with very tiny quantity now though I will not repurchase it as I would like to try some other product. 

Hair care routine, My hair story and some tips

II now oil my hair regularly. I oil twice a week a night before the hair wash and would keep the oil overnight. I am alternating between Dove Elixir Argan and Hibiscus oil and MABH Hair oil which I had reviewed last week. Out of the two, I like MABH hair oil more since it lacks mineral oils and other chemical just the pure herbs extract along with other oils. It has definitely worked for me and after the wash hair feels really silky and bouncy.
I use Matrix Biolage serum while my hair is still wet as in semi dried state so, that it can aid in detangling and brushing. It is not the best serum but yes, works fine. You can try any other serums or hair potions like Livon, L’Oreal oil serum etc, if you’ve normal hair.  They also add a subtle shine to the hair.
I comb my hair every night for around 5 minutes to give my scalp a mini massage and for that I use this paddle brush that I got from Garnier. 

Please note that I am not promoting any products here. They are what I am currently using. May be after some time brands can be different but the basic regimen would be the same. Therefore, you can use any good shampoo, conditioner or hair oil that suits you. I like paddle brushes since they massage the scalp too while you brush through.So, they are something that I will recommending getting and brushing every night before going to bed.

Some tips:

  • My first tip would be never com your hair when they are wet as, they can get weaker and it will also lead to split ends. Trust me,  I have faced both due to this habit of mine.

  • Oiling is very important.  Can’t stress enough especially when the hair is dry or damaged. Oils nourish your hair and keep them healthy.

  • Eggs and curd hair packs really work. Now days, I am not regular in going for them but had done them and they do show good results.

  • After you have rinsed off the conditioner, try dipping the hair in cold water as a last rinse. It will make them shinier and manageable, even if you have used warm water for the hair wash. This little tricky is amazing!

  • If you can, then eat gooseberries known as Amla, they work like magic. I said “if you can” since When I tried them the first time, I couldn’t as they are very sour but now I can somehow. :P

  • For split ends, You should go for regular trimming sessions. I cut my own hair, so I trim them once in a month or whenever I feel like, I know it’s weird but that’s how I am. As I have layered hair cut, I used to take hair pieces and twist them and whatever hair ends were sticking out, I cut them. This way I had got rid of the splits ends and thankfully, I don’t have them now. Yaay!! It took time but the efforts were worth. All you have to have is patience. If you aren’t aware how to do that, I will do a small tutorial sought of post on that though the info can be found on the internet, if you can’t wait.

So, these were my tips and routine. I really hope it helps you.
Have a great day!!
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