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Friday, 25 April 2014

Za True White Day Cream With SPF 20 Review

As a brand Shiseido needs no introduction. Recently Shiseido has launched a new line called Za pronounced as Zi:ei. that has been already been launched in other countries and India being the newest platform for its launch. Products from this brand are made available since April 2014. I will share my views on Za true White Day cream with SPF 20. It’s been quite some time that I have been using it. If you remember the last day cream I reviewed was from Avon which worked decently for my combination skin but as the weather is getting warmer, my skin gets greasy soon, therefore, I decided to leave Avon and switched over to this cream to make sure if it suits me in this weather or not!
Price: Za true white day cream is priced at 999 INR for a 40g jar. Do check out teh pictures for other details regarding the cream.

Za True White Day Cream
Za By Shiseido

Views: Za True white day Cream comes in a white jar that is comparatively broader at the top. The cream has this very subtle mild fragrance which isn’t too much by any means.Texture is slightly thicker, feels like mousse as compared with the regular creams and the same makes it very light weight as well. It would take some time to get completely absorbed into the skin leaving behind a glow and non greasy finish and feel.

It does hydrate the skin without making me sweat. I did notice that there were areas that tend to get oily after 4-5 hours, but that should be okay considering the skin type i have. 
Since the time I have been using it, I have realized that my skin looks radiant and comparatively even than it was before. I had some darkness due to sun tan and some  marks/blemishes due to those occasional acne, that seems to get faded. Therefore, is definitely the reason skin looks brighter and even toned.

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Za True White day Protector with SPF 26

Za True White Day Cream Review

Za True White Day Cream Review

Za True White Day Cream Review

Za True White Day Cream

In fact, it does claim to even out the skin and fade dark spots, which even I would agree after the results and the fact that it has Vitamin C, known to brighten and lighten the spots though whitening the skin is something that I think should be taken as even toning the skin only rather than making skin tone lighter altogether. May be it can get rid of tanning.
I have not faced any reaction on my skin or clogged pores, which can be the biggest concern for most of the girls with oily/combination skin. It’s light weight and non greasy formula makes it suitable for combination skin and as I have mentioned earlier as well Day creams with SPF top my list as I quite often tend to skip the sunscreen even after knowing about the sun damage. It happens right? 

Za True White Day Cream

By the feel and texture of this cream, I can say that it will be good day cream for normal to oily skin whereas dry skin beauties will need a little more hydration along with this. you know why! Price is decent as this pack of 40 g is going to last for around 2 months and also it's totally up to you, how much you want to spend on your skin care regimen.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Take: Za True White Day Cream is a light weight, non greasy cream that hydrates and even outs the skin in long term by fading the dark spots or unevenness. Whitening claim may not be as it is though it does improve the skin quality, texture and appearance, It is suitable for normal to oily skin though for dry skin, you're going to need a little more hydration than this cream alone.

PR Sample sent by the brand for consideration though review is honest as always

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