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Monday 28 April 2014

Rimmel London Long Lasting Lipstick Alarm Review

Post By Priyanka
Rimmel London Long Lasting Lipstick Alarm 
Hey there!
Anyone who knows me even by mere acquaintance, knows that my signature everyday look is a subtle cat’s eye flicked liner with a strong red lip. It looks quite snazzy against my dusky skin, without being too overwhelming. Thanks to this regular use of red lip colour I have amassed quite a few beautiful reds that not only look gorgeous but last pretty well too. The product I am now going to review is one of my first few red lip colours which is Rimmel London Lipstick in alarm, read on to see how it fares. 

Price:  250INR for 4 grams
Claims: “Lasting Finish Lipstick now delivers up to 8 hours staying power.  The improved formula incorporating Colour Protect technology gives up to 25% more colour impact. Enriched with 50% longer-wearing colour-boost pigments so you will turn heads wherever you go. Intensity, smoothness, shines and up to 8 hours wear – Lasting Finish Lipstick truly has it all!”
My take on the product : Let me start by saying that I sometimes get sentimentally attached to certain makeup products and continue to buy them despite their flaws. A good example of this is the fact that I bought the Maybelline ColorSensational lip colour in Fatal Red 3 times before changing to another lip colour on a mere whim. This is the lip colour that I chose and while it’s much better than Fatal Red it has its own flaws.
But before all that let me elaborate a bit on its pros. Starting with its price tag, it costs even less than Fatal Red which is a meagre 350 bucks to begin with. This pocket friendly price is extremely useful in the life of a broke college student. :p 

Next, the colour is a true red that tilts a little towards blue which helps in making my teeth look whiter and my dusky skin lit from within. This colour is a bit hard to find in affordable lipstick ranges so I am very glad to have made this find.
The problem with this lipstick is how it fades. I have no problem in reapplying evenly faded lip colour sometime in the day, but this lip colour fades very patchily and settles into lip lines in a few short hours. This makes me have to scrub it all off and start all over again. 

The apply-dab-layer-dab technique of mattifying lip colour does help with its longevity fading issues but even this loses its strength in 5-6 hours after which all the layers need to be scrubbed off and one needs to reapply all over again. But at this price point and for such an incredible colour, it isn’t that huge a hardship just a little inconvenient. 

Pros of Rimmel London long lasting Lipstick
Travel safe packaging
Pigmentation can be built up or tones down, at will
Emollient texture
Single swipe opacity due to good pigmentation
Universally flattering shade
Satin finish
Cons of Rimmel London long lasting Lipstick
No complete ingredient list
Price increase
Transfers very easily
Will begin to look very obviously worse for wear in a few hours
Contrary to long lasting claim, lasts only 4-5 hours

Rating:  3.75 out of 5 You can buy them at Flipkart HERE

Take: Rimmel London long lasting Lipstick in alarm is a beautiful red that is going to flatter everyone. Pigmentation is good with a satin finish that makes me recommend them, if not this then do check out other shades.
Rimmel London Long Lasting Lipstick Alarm Review Reviewed by Niesha on 12:11 am Rating: 5 Post By Priyanka Rimmel London Long Lasting Lipstick Alarm   Hey there! Anyone who knows me even by mere acquaintance, knows that my ...

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