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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Pantene Hair fall control Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Pantene shampoo and conditioners 
Amidst a lot of brands, there is one brand that my mum has stuck to a lot longer. This review comes from my mother, who was using these Pantene Hair fall control shampoo and conditioner.I said "was" because, this review was pending since ages.
I too have used this range, a couple of years ago. By the way, most of people with normal hair can try Pantene. In fact, it can be used by men as well.

Price: Pantene shampoo and conditioners are for 120 rupees and 120 rupees for 180ml and 175 ml bottles respectively. Smaller packs are also available.
These shampoo and conditioner comes in white plastic bottle. The conditioner bottle is supposed to be put upside down so as to make you aware which is the shampoo and which ones the conditioner. In anyways, you can know that by the texture, the conditioners are lot more like a whipped cream while shampoos have this shiny thick texture. 

And you can also read. lol:D
Both of these smell good, so no issues on that.
The shampoo lathers very well though if you are washing oil massaged hair then you may have to use a bit more or as per the length of your hair. In one wash hair feels clean and soft. Most of the times, you won’t feel the requirement to reapply it.
The shampoo does make hair smoother and silky. If you have very dry hair then this range can’t be very helpful for you. When it comes to hair fall, yes, it does controls hair fall due to breakage which means that when the hair are softer and silky then the tangles are lesser. that will reduce hair fall at least by the breakage if not from the roots.

The conditioner is thick and very creamy, most of the times, the shampoo will finish off and the conditioner still remains about one fourth in the bottle. It has happened a lot with me. Does that happen with you too?
You need to apply the conditioner like you would normally do. I keep for 3-5 minutes. Make sure you take off the conditioner well by rinsing properly!
My mum has been using it for a really long time and it has made her hair shiny and lesser hair fall due to breakage, as I mentioned and also she has not faced any allergies or increase in hair fall after using these two products.

Rating: For both the product 4 out of 5
One point has been deducted as it's SLS based shampoo and may not be able to do well with treating very dry hair, else no issues!
Take: Pantene hair fall control shampoo and conditioner does make hair a lot healthier and silkier. I will recommend it to those with normal hair who do not mind using shampoos with sulphates.
Pantene Hair fall control Shampoo and Conditioner Review Reviewed by Niesha on 2:24 pm Rating: 5 Pantene shampoo and conditioners   Amidst a lot of brands, there is one brand that my mum has stuck to a lot longer. This review comes f...

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