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Saturday 26 April 2014

Colorbar Eyelash Curler Review and Pictures

Post By Pooja Patel
Colorbar Eyelash Curler Review and Pictures 
Hi everyone

Today I’ll not be talking about any makeup products but will be reviewing a beauty tool. Yes girls, it’s a tool, many of us put makeup brushes on our priority list but I love this tool more than any other makeup tool. It's an eyelash curler by Colorbar that I had purchased almost 2 months ago from the Colorbar counter. 

Colorbar Eyelash Curler Review

Price: Colorbar eyelash Curler is priced at Rupees 350

Product claims: Showstopper Eyelash Curler from Colorbar. The perfect pinchproof lash curler for easy curls everytime. The cushiony grip handles are designed for total comfort without any painful tugging. The curvy angle of the curler suits all eye shapes and the spunky fuschia silicone pad delivers perfect pressure without lash crimping.

Packaging: Colorbar eyelash curler has a beautiful design and it comes in black color with hint details of hot, fuchsia pink. I found its formation very girly and super cute. In-depth details are given in ‘Product claims’

Colorbar Eyelash Curler Review

Experience: I love the concept of eyelash curlers and the way that they work which is brilliant. It works on a unique concept which no other tool can do and is irreplaceable. Most of the girls do not find eyelash curler useful whereas some girls do. You can count me as the latter who loves the curlers. Anyways, now you people might be thinking why is she praising the product so much? So, girls I have some valid points in favor of the tool which you girls would also like. 

Colorbar Eyelash Curler Review
Colorbar Eyelash Curler Review

Colorbar Eyelash Curler Review
This is the only eyelash curler I have. Therefore, I really can't compare it with others available in the market but can share my experience with it. When I got this I did not know how would it turn up and what will be its results. I was quite new to such tools. So, when I first curled my eye lashes with this eyelash curler, I was amazed to see such beautiful curled lashes of mine. For a moment I felt as if I have used some curling mascara but I did not used anything except for this tool. I am very much impressed with it. It gives me curly eyelashes without putting up any chemical product (mascara) to my delicate eyes and alos really open up the eyes. It is super easy to use without any damage though you have to be a bit careful not to get your skin pinched. So for that try to press it lightly and if there isn't any pain, then go ahead and press it tightly. this way you can make sure that the skin isn't trapped between the jaw of the curler. the rubber grip band (the pink band) helps curling the lashes and keeps them like the same for a longer time.
Colorbar Eyelash Curler Review

Pros of Colorbar Eyelash Curler:
Cute girly packaging
Easy to use
Can build up good volume and curls
helps open up the eyes that looks wider and bigger
One can avoid using mascara for a simple day look
Can be used on daily basis.
Easily available

Cons of Colorbar Eyelash Curler:
Bulky to carry, can’t be carried in a small purse.
Colorbar has recently hiked its price from Rs. 350 to Rs. 525 (today saw it on official website)

Ratings: 4.75 out of 5
You can Buy it at Flipkart HERE

Final Take: If you are a kajal & lip balm person (means no makeup) and want a little dimension to your look then this is the right product to have. It will open up your eyes and gives that slight volume without using any mascara. I know mascara and eyelash curler both are for different purpose. I would recommend it to everyone but as company has increased its price so hopefully one can get better option in the same price range. There are many other economical options available in the market. If you don't mind the price, It's a must have!
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