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Saturday 1 March 2014

Highlighters & Illuminators: Makeup Topic

Highlighters types and availability in India
Hi Girls!!
You have an event where you wish to look all radiant and glowy.  You did contouring and applied your blush but still something is missing, the glow. In the last makeup topic, we have talked about blushes and how they bring color to your face and in this post, I am going to talk about Highlighters. You may have known that you do contour the areas that you wish to recede and the ones you would highlight tend to become prominent. Thereby, the Final, result would be a more chiseled face with dimensions especially in photographs as in photos what you see is 2 dimensional instead of what you see in person.
So as of now, keeping the contouring thing aside. Let me talk about the highlighters only in this post!

Highlighters are makeup products with micro shimmers. Like you contour your hollows of the cheekbones, jaw line and sides of the forehead in the same way you highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, Nose Bridge, Cupid ’s bow etc.  It is not necessary to highlight all the above mentioned areas. Just the highlighting your cheekbones and brow bone is enough to give you a radiant look. 
In the picture above, you can see the highpoint of my cheek and browbone where the white dots indicates the placement of your highlighter. You have to blend it too right!!  Dots are for illustration purpose!

Now, highlighters are available in powder, cream and liquid formula.
Powder highlighters: Like the ones you see in most of the contouring kit. For eg: sleek face contouring kit. It consists of a highlighter, MAC extra dimension highlighter
Liquid highlighters: Name says it all, they have a liquid consistency like you see in Colorbar illuminator pen, Faces Canada metaliglow face highlighter
Cream highlighter: They are the ones that you come across in pencils with creamy lids.
Just like a single shade can’t cater to everyone! Same goes for these face highlighters as well. Highlighters can be peachy, pink, beige, rose gold, bronze etc in color. Rose gold, beige gold looks beautiful on most of the skin tones.
Apart from the shade micro shimmers used in them is also to be looked at. The highlighters should contain micro shimmer which when blended should reflect light to give an illusion of glow and radiance but should not be chunky as they will be too obvious that you have applied something.  You really don’t want that!!
The smoother the light reflection would be the better natural illusion it oozes! Just pat the highlighter on the desired area and does not need too much blending!

If you are planning to buy highlighters in India, then let me give you some options. For that I have prepared this small list of the highlighters available in India, that you can consider. They are sold mostly with the bronzers and blush as duos and trios.
Lakme Absolute moon lit highlighter
Lakme face sheer blush:  It can be used both on body and face
Revlon Photo ready Sculpting blush palette: it comes along with a contouring powder and blush
Colorbar body shimmer: again its loose shimmer that can be used as a highlighter but you better be careful with loose shimmers.
Colorbar radiant Glow Face illuminator: It is the easiest to use and comes in a pen form.
Faces Canada metaliglow face illuminator
Highlighters do bring out a massive difference with a beautiful effect. Try these if you have been overlooking them!! 

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