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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Haul Post: Clothes, Accessories and Cosmetics

Haul Post: Clothes, Accessories and cosmetics

Post By Tejinder kaur
Hi everyone!!
First of all, Apologies for missing posts of some of my favourite people. It feels great to be back! I clicked number of pictures for certain posts but got extremely busy with our birthday first and then renovating the second bedroom. I initially helped hubby to remove the old wallpaper with steamer but trust me got really tired and told hubby to be on his own! He did the rest of renovating himself putting up the new wallpaper in two days, did made him some good food and tea…lol…Next up was carpet hunting and getting them fitted. New wardrobes were then assembled by hubby as well and all worth it; the room looks really cool now, waiting for the new ottoman storage bed and that should be it. 

Haul Post: Clothes, Accessories and Cosmetics

Apart from the financial savings (labour charges are rather high in here) the satisfaction of doing it yourself can’t be measured. Just as I was planning to restart blogging, my kiddo got chicken pox since Friday and has been off school. He is getting better and should be back to school (and me to my routine) later on this week. Enough said, now back to my haul post.

As most of you from this blogging world are aware, I am 32 weeks pregnant, not long to go now, so have started shopping for my new baby last week. Couldn’t resist buying some makeup stuff and really pleased with all the shopping. 

Haul Post: Clothes, Accessories and Cosmetics

Haul Post: Clothes, Accessories and Cosmetics
My son Samar is very excited for the new baby and me too…hehehe…so I am sharing some of the makeup products and some of my baby stuff too…hope you like it.
1. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation dark beige shade

2. Bourjois 16 hr Khol n contour eye pencil

3. Bourjois Liner Feutre felt-tip eyeliner

4. Bourjois Blush/Blusher Rose Amber No 74

Good the Bourjois blusher free which was of £7.99 for spending more than £12 on the range, like Bourjois brand a lot.

5. Wallis black (long) dress from Debenhams

6. Wallis red dress from Debendams

7.  Bluezoo baby body suits 3 pack from Debenhams

8. Necklace from Accesoirize - sharing a picture with you wearing that necklace (pictures clicked at my office where I am working as an Accountant)

9. Urban Decay Naked 3 palette - will be reviewing very soon

10. Urban Decay primer- used number of times n totally loved it. 
Hope you like my haul …love you all !!

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  1. Hello, I just found your blog and I love it. It made my day to see I'm not the only one who loves buying clothes for baby. It is my new hobby!!! haha.
    I am following your blog on GFC (google friend connect). Hope you follow back <3



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