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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Miceller water Review

Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Miceller water 
Hey everyone!!
I am going to review a brand that is a new entrant in the Indian skincare and cosmetics market. It’s Bottega Di Lungvita which is an Italian natural skin care brand that also makes dietary supplements. I will review Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age MicellerWater.
If you are new to the concept of Miceller water then let me tell you, Miceller water can be used for cleansing your skin, removing makeup and at the same time to tone the skin.  You can take it as a light weight makeup remover and cleanser, without having to use the water. Like a one step face cleanser without water.

It contains Micelles that’s why the name Miceller water and I won’t be discussing here what Micelles are how they are formed. You can say that they are tiny molecules with water loving and water repelling ends. I have read about them in my Biochemistry class!
Price: 1350 Rupees for 250 ml. Their products are available on, and some other online sites.
Ingredients: For Ingredients check the pictures!

This Miceller water comes in a huge tall bottle with a regular cap. The formula smells mild and looks exactly like water. To use this, I need to take the solution on a cotton pad and use it to clean my face. Just the normal procedure!

It takes off dirt and oil from the first wipe leaving my skin feeling soft, not stretchy but for a couple of minutes it looks greasy after which the greasiness goes away though not completely, due to which I have to splash some water on my face and pat it dry!
When I had used this while I had makeup on my face, it was able to get rid of the semi water proof foundation and blush etc in one swipe while for the waterproof eyeliner, I had to wipe around 3-4 times at least to get rid of it completely, though waterproof foundation was not that time consuming to get rid of.
This can be an ideal makeup remover or face cleanser when you have very light and non waterproof makeup on your face or after you have removed your makeup with a Bi phased remover, this can serve as a toner and to take away the residue of the makeup and the remover.

For Dry skin, this can serve as both as a hydrating toner and a makeup remover that doesn’t dry out the skin. For oily to combination skin, I personally felt the urge to splash some plain water after using this.
It makes skin a lot smoother and supple which I noticed and isn’t harsh even for the acne prone skin like mine.
This bottle of Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Miceller water is going to last really long since 250 ml is huge, which is why I can say 1350 rupees can be decent price for this. Moreover, this cleanser is Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested and are Nickel tested as well! To add on, it doesn’t contain parabens, SLES, Alcohol or any other artificial colorant that can dry out or irritate the skin.

I have been using this ever since I have got it and this is something I really like to use at the end of the day to clean my face!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Take:  I can say that if you are looking for a Daily one step Cleanser that is devoid of parabens then you can definitely consider Vita Age Aurum Miceller Water since it removes light makeup and even waterproof with extra wiping. It leaves the skin supple and hydrated, due to which, this can be an ideal cleanser for dry skin whereas for oily skin, may be you need an extra splash of water afterwards. Price should not pinch as the quantity is huge and is going to last really long, I can only estimate that it should last for around 4 months at least even if used twice a day.

PR sample though review is honest as always!! 
Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Miceller water Review Reviewed by Niesha on 5:16 pm Rating: 5 Bottega Di Lungvita Vita Age Miceller water   Hey everyone!! I am going to review a brand that is a new entrant in the Indian skincare...

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