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Monday 17 March 2014

8 Good to know Makeup Tips and Tricks

8  Good to know makeup Tips and tricks
You know there is always something or the other happening while we are getting ready. Some itsy bitsy problems here and there. Like you’re in a rush and your liner smudges or your face looks tired or eyes getting red. It may sound familiar. Isn’t it? But for every problem there is a solution. Check out these tips and tricks below to help to out while you’re just about to become damsel in distress, may be for a short while. You never know when any of these can help you out!

Winged Eyeliner: If you haven’t yet mastered the art of getting a perfect wing, no worries, you can still do that. Grab a piece of scotch tape and put it in a diagonal manner going towards the brows. Actually you should adjust the angle as per your liking. There is no hard and fast rule to that. But make sure that you don’t keep it too low else your eyes can look droopy. Now, this piece of tape can give you a crisp and clean edge of the wing.

Smudged eyeliner: You just did the eyeliner but sadly, it got smudged. To get rid of it, dip a Q tip in some makeup remover and clean up the area. 

Smudged mascara :Now, what if your volume enhancing mascara, you just applied has smudged after you have this full on eye makeup on the eyelids, there you can’t just use a Q tip with makeup remover since it’s going to leave an awful blotch. Don’t panic, let it dry and once it is dried, then try to gently scratch the remains of the dried mascara with a tiny brush, or anything that can serve the purpose.

Eyelashes: Curled lashes can really open up your eyes, we all know that but you don’t own a curler. Really! But you do own a spoon, Try a spoon to curl your lashes. Use the bottom side of it to curl the lashes.

Dry those nails: You have applied nail paint just now but you are running late which leaves you with no time to sit and let it dry! But, you can actually dry them out in 10 seconds by putting your nails into cold water for 10 seconds. See, you can’t just use water to hydrate yourself.

Tired eyes: May be you haven’t had enough sleep or may be still in the last night’s hangover, due to which your eyes look tired. Using a white pencil on the waterline can definitely help you to look more awake! Use a flesh colored pencil, if your complexion is medium to dark.

Angry Demons: There is a swollen, angry looking zit siting on your face, you can’t vanish it instantly but you can reduce the redness but applying some eye drops. It works to calm down those zits!

Pearly whites: You know choosing a blue based lip colors can make your teeth to look whiter than they actually are!! Check it the next time you think about wearing blue toned lipsticks.

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