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Friday 21 March 2014

10 Good to Know Tips for Healthy Hair

10 Good to know Tips for Healthy Hair 

Who doesn’t want thick and lustrous, luxurious hair? Everyone, except those who are already blessed with that enviable mane. But wait! Taking care of your hair is also important, of course with whatever you have left with or have been born with.
Here we will share some hair care tips that can help make your hair healthy and strong. You may be lusting for smooth, silky, shiny or thicker hair but first you have to take extra care to make them healthy at least. Have a look at these tips now:

1. Washing: Always choose hair products that are formulated as per your hair type. While you shampoo take care to rinse it off completely and do not use conditioner or any other product more than the instructed time.

2. Cleansing: Clean your hair regularly. Most of us can stick with 2 times a week or you can go for a wash every other day if your scalp is really oily, that makes hair limpy within single day.

3. Trimming: Go for regular trims to keep split ends at bay. You don’t want them in your life. 

4. Styling: Never use heat treatment like curling irons, straighteners directly on the wet hair. They can be damaged pretty soon even sooner than you had imagined.

5. Heat protectant: Before styling always go for heat protecting serum or sprays. Even you are one of those who use heat treatments once in a blue moon then maybe you can afford to miss that.

6. Diet: Now, every problem or at least most of the skin and hair related ones, comes to this very point, which is your diet, we love gorging junk food and all that carbs but remember taking proteins in the diet is a must for healthy and stronger hair, nails, skin and what not! You veggie!! Then, what about a bowl sprouted salad. I just love it. Don’t forget to add some lime juice over it, it not only enhances and make sit tangy to taste, it also contribute towards your Vitamin C intake for the day.

7. Hairstyles: Minimize the use of styling products by opting for some chic and flirty hairstyles like braids, buns etc. They are in trend and can let you get over those bad hair days.

8. Combing: Do not comb when your hair is wet, NEVER, you can finger comb them though. 

9. Hot oil treatment: Once in a while pamper your tresses with hot oil treatment. Now with so many good herbal hair oils that are packed with all those beneficial herbs, you shouldn’t miss giving yourself a hair spa on a lazy Sunday!

10. Watch you Pillow: Sleep on a satin pillow to prevent hair from getting damaged.
Before going to bed combing your hair won’t take more than 5 minutes but it does show its effects by boosting blood circulation and giving you a mini massage to your scalp. Paddle brushes are good for that!

So, are you really missing out on some of these? If you do then try to incorporate these soon to maintain and get healthier and stronger hair!!
Healthy hair is IN and they would always be!

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