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Friday 28 February 2014

MUA Sheer finish lip Gloss Review

MUA Sheer finish lip Gloss Review
MUA products have been proved to be total value of money so far from all the products that I have used. I will review yet another Mua product that is MUA Sheer finish lip Gloss. I am not a gloss person, Now you have heard read that a lot of times, but wait! I can use them over the lipsticks, right? Even if I find lip glosses sheer for my liking. But aren’t they supposed to be sheer only. Well most of them Anyways!!

It claims ”A moisturising sheer lip-gloss in eight wearable shades with just a touch of sheer colour for an irresistible shine in a squeezable tube applicator to provide a smooth and easy application with a sweet scent.”
This MUA Sheer finish lip Gloss is for a pound only minus the shipping. Shipping currently is 7.5 pounds.

It is packed as this normal tube with a slanted top just like we have seen in Vaseline shine lip glosses.
The formula is so delicious smelling. Now don’t think I have licked it!! Bleh!! It just smells amazing. It is a lip gloss with medium consistency, not too sticky. I got this shade called “Too much fun” which is a  beautiful fuchsia pink color!
Its pigmentation is pretty good, if you will check out the swatches, you can notice that it has a more than translucent formula. I can use this over my lipsticks or just this for glossy lips with some color. Not some color in fact a decent color on my lips. With its hydrating/moisturizing formula, it can certainly be double up as a balm in spite of being a lip gloss.

It applies very smoothly and its non shimmery texture makes me love it even more.
When used as a balm, it doesn’t feel sticky and moisturizes my lips for 3-4 hours or till the time, it doesn’t get wiped off. It can survive light meals but you already know lip glosses have short stay span. But never mind! It keeps the lips soft and velvety with a hint of gorgeous color.
I like to use it over my pink lipsticks a lot as it can gel with most of the pink lipsticks very well and even if you are going for a lipstick with dry texture, this has the great potential to combat the dryness.

I have liked this lip gloss a lot for its color and formula. If you shop for MUA stuff, consider trying this out!

Slanted tip
Matte hot pink color
Applies smoothly
Can be used as a lip balm or gloss
Not too sticky
Staying power is average since it’s a gloss

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Take: MUA Sheer finish lip Gloss has a hydrating formula and smooth texture with a great color pay off for a lip gloss. It can be used as a lip balm as well or over lipsticks as a gloss to add some sheen on the lips. I have liked it and looking forward to try more from this range.

MUA Sheer finish lip Gloss Review Reviewed by Niesha on 12:48 pm Rating: 5 MUA Sheer finish lip Gloss Review MUA products have been proved to be total value of money so far from all the products that I have used...

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