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Monday 17 February 2014

Blushes Types, Colors and How to apply : Makeup Topic

Hi all !!
Your skin is pretty amazing though still it seems flat and your face looks in dire need of some color and dimension. That’s where contouring and your blushes come into effect.
I will be talking about this very topic today. There is nothing like learning through hits and trials since that it what gives you a clear picture about the art/work in concern. Lipsticks, liners, mascara, foundation are something that most of us use whereas when it comes to blush, we purposely spurn and ignore them, not realising they can play a crucial part in balancing and putting together the eyes and lip makeup. You may not appreciate how easily a dash of blush with some mascara can prove to be a savior while you are in a hurry can make you look fresh and radiant.

Blushes come in variety of formula like:
Powder blushes- They can be matte, shimmery or pearly packaged as pressed powders just like your compacts. Eg: Maybelline cheeky blush, Nyx powder Blush and zillion others. Their staying time is okay though due to their powdery nature they tend to erode or fade off by the end of the day. This can makeup you touch upon your cheeks at least once during the day.

In case, you have dry skin or dry patches on the cheeks, then powder blushes can appear chalky against your dry skin therefore, it’s always better to properly moisturize your skin before moving on to the foundation. You want your skin to look radiant not dry or flaky. Right?
Cream Blushes- As the name goes they are creamy in texture which is why proper blending is the key to sport such blushes. They fare better than the powder blushes when staying power is concerned, the advantage lies in their creamy formula that makes them stick to your skin better, and as a result they are less likely to leave you before the day ends.
These creamy blushes further can be seen in array of forms like cream blush in a pan, for eg: Nyx cream Blush, Stick blushes eg: Lakme blush stick, Nyx blush stick and then we have blushes in the form of creamy liquid resembling foundation like consistency for eg: Oriflame Cream Blushes
If you happen to be an oily skinned beauty then you may find creamy blushes a bit greasy for your skin’s tolerance but cream blushes like oriflame ones, that I have used recently doesn’t feel as heavy or greasy on the skin once blended as compared with the other that I have used. On the other hand these creamy ones can absolutely work in favor of the dry skin types.

Now that as we know about the types of blushes, it’s time to move on to the shades that will go with your skin color/tone. Whatever you skin color is that is for sure that you will not be wearing the same blush every time you put on your makeup; here I am talking about the same color. No Not at all!
Like skin complexion can vary from very light to dark and in between that we get to see diversity of skin colors, which is the reason why popular and renowned brands make foundations in so many shades to match your skin tone as closely as possible, though when we talk about blushes we can segregate the skin tones as light, medium and dark. If you are fair then colors like Pink, Peaches, Oranges, Plumy pinks can suit you when applied with light hand, keeping in mind that on fair skin most of the colors are quite evident even if the color is applied with gentle strokes, unless you want to load your cheeks with too much pigment purposely.  You can even go for fiery reds but always remember that it’s easier to build the coverage or the color than to tone it down. Medium skinned girls can go for most of the colors they suits them while dusky beauties can opt for peachy, oranges, warm rosy pinks but stay away from cool and hot pinks, colors that are cooler tends to wash out duskier skin tones white warmers hues shows up better and are in harmony with the skin color!
In general on Indian skin tones, peachy, peachy pinks and corals are the colors that look amazing and with those you can never go wrong. Their warmer hues actually gels beautifully on our complexions.

Everything’s done, type, color, etc but the important question is how to and where to apply the blush. Doesn’t matter how pretty the color is or how expensive the blush is, badly and too boldly applied blush can definitely make you look like the ones, you definitely don’t want to look like.
Let’s say! When you blush naturally, your cheeks get heated up and there is some subtle color on the apples of your cheeks. That is the same place you need to apply your blush.  Smile and apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks taking to all the way diagonally towards the ears. (Don’t take it too up or too down, unless you want the blush to give particular illusion for the face shape which is a different technique as per the face shape, we can talk about that later on in some other future post). But Make sure, you don’t get too close to the eyes, I am saying this as when you will laugh, it’s going to appear as if you have started your blush just immediately under your eyes. It’s an absolute NO. Avoid!

You can apply your powder blush by using an angled or blush brush. For creamy blushes, take some on your fingers and lightly pat your fingers on the cheeks and towards the ear, this way, it will not get accumulated at one spot and would be much easier to blend. After you are done with the patting and nothing is left on the finger, time to blend. Work your index finger to diffuse the edges as a final step.
So, that was it from the blushes. 
Have a great Day!!

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