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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack Review

Hi all,
I have been using a product for the past there months and its huge quantity for a face pack will make it last for half an year may be, Moreover, its effects and efficiency like glowing skin persuaded me to buy two other variants, but still, I have not reviewed this wonderful product yet! So, here it’s today. Review of Banjara Multani mitti with papaya face pack/mask. 
Price- 35 rupees for 100 grams with a shelf life of 3 years, now that’s unbelievable. Right?

I came to know about this brand while browsing, which happens to be one of my favorite online shopping site, This brand banjara was there and after researching some information about it, I noticed that it is a herbal skin care brand that makes face pack, face gels, creams etc.

Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack

Their face packs are available in a lot of different preparations with key ingredients like aloe Vera, Kesar, papaya, neem etc. Apart from this I have two other variants as well.

It comes in a pretty orange carton that gives an overall good impression about the packaging. Inside the carton resides this neatly finished pouch with Banjara written all over and containing 100 grams of the powder face pack that you are supposed to mix with a medium like water, milk to make a paste. These face packs have multani mitti, also called as Fuller’s earth as the base ingredients along with Papaya and some other herbs.

Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack

The color of this papaya face pack resembles that of Multani mitti and has been powdered very finely, It is and emits a mild fruity smell which when made into a paste becomes more prominent and anyone can easily make out that it smells like papaya and fuller earth. The smell of papaya in it is really distinct and doesn’t feel like as if some artificially added fragrance. Once the papaya extracts comes in contact with water or rose water they will give out their characteristic smell.

Its very simple to prepare this papaya face pack. I mix this face pack with Patanjali Rose water for my combination skin. If your skin happens to be dry then you may use Milk or just the regular purified water.

The consistency of the face pack is even and applies very smoothly on the face either with the fingers or with a face pack brush. I use my fingers to apply the face mask or pack. By the way what do you use?

Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack

Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack

Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack

While I have this on the face like some other face packs there is no burning or tingling sensation, nothing just sweet papaya smell going down my nose. I keep my face packs for 20 minutes and if they are tingling ones, I keep only for 15 minutes. After it gets dry, it’s time to take it off and pat dry my face. Now my face looks soft and supple, not a sign of dryness and skin looks radiant. Its Fuller’s earth content takes off oil and dirt and papaya along with other herbs make sure not to dry out the skin but give hydration and brightness. Papaya is also known to lighten the marks and scars and gives you glowing skin.
I have loved this face mask so much that I will definitely recommend it to all of you, No matter what your skin type is. I have strong feeling that it will fare as good for dry skin as it did for my skin or even if you are a guy who likes to take care of his skin. 

Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack

I will review the other two variants in a single post as I have just started using them and need little more time to fully test them. Stay tuned for those reviews. 

Pros of Banjara papaya face pack
Very inexpensive
Brightens the skin’
Has papaya and multani mitti
Keeps skin soft and glowy
Easy to apply
This pack will last really long
No artificial ingredients or fragrance used
Good for all skin types
Papaya helps lightening scars

Cons of Banjara Papaya Face Pack
Its availability may be!! But it’s there on
Apart from that None!!

Rating- 5 out of 5

Take- Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack is an amazing face pack/mask for all skin types including the mature dry skin. It takes off excess oil due to its clay base and papaya brightens the skin. The overall result is soft and supple, hydrated skin. I will highly recommend!!

If you would like to know natural methods of preparing Papaya face packs for all skin types, you can read that on my skincare and health site Tips and Beauty Here
Banjara Multani with Papaya Face Pack Review Reviewed by Niesha on 10:00 pm Rating: 5 Hi all, I have been using a product for the past there months and its huge quantity for a face pack will make it last for half an year m...

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