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Thursday 16 January 2014

Sesa Hair Oil Review and benefits

Sesa Hair oil Review
Hi Everyone! I will review Sesa herbal hair oil today. This is one such product that I have used 3 years ago as well but then discontinued using it without any reason. I bought another bottle of Sesa Hair Oil a couple of weeks ago. So far, I have used a lot of oils, like dove Elixir, Jojoba, olive, Argan oil etc but there is something that I like, may be it's ingredients.
This Sesa hair oil is a herbal preparation that they have claimed to prepare by Tail pak vidhi with milk, yes, this is what they have mentioned on the pack. A lot of herbals and chemical free hair oils are processed with this method.
Price- Sesa oil costs- 95 rupees for a smaller 90 ml bottle.
Ingredients- If you will look at the ingredients list you will see that it has Bhrungraj, Brahmi, Jalamansi, Vaj, Triphla, lemon oil, coconut oil along with other herbs that I have not even heard of but indeed would be great for the hair.

Sesa Hair Oil Review and benefits
Sesa Hair Oil Review

Experience- The bottle is okay for a hair oil bottle with a round  cap. There is an extra safety seal at the mouth of the bottle.Coconut oil is quite prominent as the oil was in semi frozen state when I broke the seal.
Sesa hair oil is slightly green in color and smell is something to talk about, It has a very strong smell which kind of gave me headache for the first couple of times even earlier when I used it. So, now keeping this feature of this Sesa hair oil aside let's talk about it's uses, results and efficiency.
I have used this sesa hair oil as a regular oil that I apply at night with gently massaging and then washing my hair the next morning. It takes a little extra shampoo to get rid of the oil from the hair, which shouldn't be a surprise as coconut oil requires more of your hair cleansers than any other oil. After the hair washing session and air drying, my hair feel soft smooth and shiny. Yes, this is something that impressed me about this oil as it is very affordable and still more herbal and natural.

The ingredients that it contains are well known to darken the hair, makes hair grow thicker and also makes them smooth and softer. I totally agree, it certainly does!
I have also used it for hot oil treatment by warming the oil in a small bowl and then massaging the scalp, that makes the oil and herbs in it to give extra results.  

Sesa Hair Oil Review and benefits, price
Sesa Hair Oil Review

Hair Oil Review for hair fall
Sesa Hair Oil Review

Sesa Hair Oil Review and benefits, hairfall, price
Sesa Hair Oil Review

Now, here comes a question which most of you will be interested in knowing. Does Sesa Hair Oil really control hair fall? I understand, it doesn't matter your hair is soft or dry or even long or short you still will crib whenever you face hair fall and every strand that falls can make you cry!
As I said, I have used this Sesa hair oil 3 years ago as well when I was facing hairfall that now I know was due to stress, else, my hair have been extremely thick and voluminous, with no hair fall. So, when I started facing this hairfall issue, I got this Sesa herbal hair oil and like I said, it does help my hair in smoothness etc but honestly there was no relief from hairfall for around a month. I still tried it and eventually, there was some relief and lesser hair strands were coming out.

Sesa Hair Oil

Sesa Hair Oil

Now, As I am using this, I have noticed that hair fall has reduced, I am still not sure whether it is due to this oil or the stress levels going down. But I will not deny that, It is a good hair oil. If you would like to try Sesa hair oil for your hair fall, I will say try and see if, it works for you or not. Even if it doesn't then you will at least get smooth and shinier hair which it can definitely do and with a price like 95 rupees for this bottle, it is very affordable.

Pros of Sesa hair oil
Available on drugstore and local shops
Makes hair softer and smooth
Full of herbs that can benefit the hair in dandruff, itchiness and other scalp related problems
Can also be used for hot oil treatment to maximize the benefits
Bringraj and brahmi makes hair grow longer and thicker
No harmful chemicals

Cons of Sesa hair oil
Strong smell
Some relief in hair fall

Rating- 4 out of 5

Take- Sesa Hair Oil is an affordable hair oil that has a lot of beneficial herbs with no chemicals actually does makes hair shinier and silky though it's too strong smell can be a drawback which if you don't mind then go ahead and try it.

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Sesa Hair Oil Review and benefits Reviewed by Niesha on 5:27 pm Rating: 5 Sesa Hair oil Review Hi Everyone! I will review Sesa herbal hair oil today. This is one such product that I have used 3 years ago as well...


  1. never buy this product, it is absolutely useless.....

  2. this is the best hair dandruff has been gone completely after using this oil.


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