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Friday, 31 January 2014

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter in Copper Review

Contributed by: Tejinder Kaur

Hi lovely people!! How are you all?
Sorry for being Miss in action. I have been really very lazy these days! Those who are in contact with me on Facebook would know why!! But now, I am back again with my 1st review of 2014 - MUA Nail Quake Crackle Glitter in copper shade. I love nail paints and it is one such color that I absolutely love a lot!

What product Claim: Nail Quake Crackle Glitter Nail Polish allows you to create a gorgeous finish with minimal effort. Pair these gorgeous sparkly shades with MUA nail varnishes.

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter
Price: £2.99

Availability: MUA Online or Superdrug store

Quantity: 10 ml

Directions for use:

Bigger the contrast between the two shades, the better the effect
The base colour should always be lighter than the crackle colour
Apply two coats of your favourite MUA nail varnish
Then apply crackle glitter thinly over it for a crackle effect

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter

My Thoughts:
MUA launched 6 colours in this range which are Gold, Silver, Copper, Green, Pink and Blue. These are Crackle Glitter Nail polish which can be applied over any Base colour or any MUA nail varnish. They work like regular nail quakes but create the crackle effect and give matte finish but with clear top over it will give gorgeous and shiny effect. I bought Copper which is very beautiful shade and goes very well with Indian attires. I have tired both thinner and thicker coats. Thinner/single coat shows good crackle effect but with two or three coats it doesn’t show much. I don’t mind using it alone as well. This contains very fine shimmer particles which add glamour to the nails and look good at evening parties. 
Formula is very thin but gives matte finish. Pigmentation is ok as one coat gives good crackle effect, makes it more wearable and gives a lovely jelly-ish finish. It can be remove easily with remover.

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter

Mua Nail Quake Crackle Glitter

Easily affordable
Gives a subtle crackle effect because of glitter
Looks good with Indian attires
Thinner formula
Dries quickly
Cute and classy packaging
Single coat gives gorgeous effect
Can be used on its own which I prefer

Minimal shade selection
Thicker coat doesn’t show much crackle effect

Overall Verdict: It is quite affordable and decent glitter crackle nail polish. It can be used on its own as well (which I prefer). Because of glitter it looks sparkly n pretty on nails. You can pair it with any nail varnish but that must be lighter than crackle colour. Very minimal selection of shades but you can try at least one from this range.

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