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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Winter skin care tips and Routine

Winter skin care tips and routine
Winters are here, your skin shouts that out to you!! It feels dehydtated, rough and needs even better care. Now, it asks for more moisture especially if you already have dry skin.
Like in summers oily skin gets more oil and chipchip, in winters dry skinned people have to be extra alert as dry skin can be an easy victim of cold sores.
I have combination skin and still it does get dry, I mean on face and skin on the body needs more than regular moisturizers.
Therefore, this is the time when you have to make adjustments to your skin care regime as per the current season. Here are some of the winter skin care tips,that may help you! See the essential vitamins for glowing skin

Doesn’t matter what skin type you have but this is for sure that the cleanser that you have used till fall/autumn will not serve the purpose in this cold and dry weather. Use a cleanser that is mild and will not strip your natural skin oils. Ditch the foaming cleansers for some time, unless you feel that you desperately need those. A gel cleanser can work equally good for oily to combination skin. For dry skin, cream cleansers would be the best.

Toners are important as they are not only there to get rid of the extra grease/oils that is left after the cleansing. But as the name suggests they helps in maintaining your skin’s pH balance and thereby tones the skin.
Never use an alcohol based toner and choose something that suits your skin type and stick to it.Yes, even in winters!!
We need not to say, this is what your skin asks for the most. In winters, skin gets dry due to that moisturizing should be the key. Use a face lotion or cream that can hydrate your skin properly. Oily to combination skin types can use light oil free moisturizers and dry skinned people can for for thicker creams that can give adequate moisture and keeps the skin well hydrated. 
Moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Imagine putting on foundation on a dry face, your foundation will not glide or blend properly and also moisturizers acts as a pore and line filler too as on dry face the fine lines and wrinkles are more visible. So, prepare your face with the right moisturizer based on your skin type and requirement, then go for the foundation. Or if you are amongst those who use BB creams like me, may check, if the moisture content in the BB cream is enough as per their skin, then moisturizers can be skipped. 
For eg: Ponds BB cream isn’t greasy so I can use it in summers on my combination skin while Garnier BB cream is a bit greasy for me, therefore that fares well in the winters when the skin gets dry as compared to the summers.
Body lotions
Use Body lotions after the shower when the skin is still damp. This will make skin soft and keep it soft for a longer time.
Summers or winters, sun is still there even if you love the sunlight hitting on your face. Sunscreens are very important, they minimizes sun damages and prevents premature aging and also wrinkles due to sun exposure. Enjoy the sun,but wear your sunscreen.
Face masks
Indulge in a hydrating and rejuvenating face masks that can make skin smooth and supple. Opt for either a home made one or ready made one that you like.

We tend to drink lesser water in winters, therefore, try to drink at leat 7-8 glasses of water to keep skin hydrated from inside. If skin is hydrated from inside, it glows!

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  1. Lovely post dear.. quick revision to all wat I need to do for my skin this winters.. :)

  2. Nice! I too agree water is the best way to make the skin glow!

  3. Great tips hun...Much needed for the winters in Delhi :)

  4. Great post hun...Much needed for the Winters in Delhi :)

  5. I totally agree on face masks, I use hydrating wet sheets masks once a while... ^_^

  6. This skin care routine is a must in winters!! Thanks for sharing and reminding me about what I was ignoring ;)

  7. Helpful post Niesha,,, points noted :)

  8. Very useful tips Niesha!
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  9. Very nice post Niesha! I agree if the skin is hydrated from inside it would certainly glow.. :)

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  11. really useful info! thnx for the share :-)

  12. I need to remind myself that DRINK water.. I am not using any makeup (expect eyeliners) in these winters..

  13. Lovely tips Nieshu. Moisturize becomes a must for me in this season :)

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