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Tuesday 24 December 2013

Tresemme Anti breakage Masque for hair fall Review

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I will review a hair mask today, No.. a Masque. By the way, the products that we use for hair fall, do they actually work on hair fall, No, I mean yes. They claim to reduce the hair fall due to breakage by making hair smooth and silky, so that there are fewer tangles which eventually means lesser hair fall. Fair Enough!! I will review Tresemme Anti breakage hair mask/masque, which I got 3 weeks ago and since then, I have used it thrice. Along with this, I also got hair fall defense shampoo which has been reviewed already. These masques are new launches and have been launched by Tresemme India around 2 months ago. They are available in 2 variants Tresemme Anti breakage mask for hair prone to hairfall and breakage and Tresemme smooth and shine for dry, frizz prone hair.
Price- 360 rupees for 180 ml with a shelf life of 36 months

Tresemme Anti breakage Masque for hair fall Review
Claims This intensive treatment with Amino-Vitamin Complex deeply moisturizes and nourishes damaged hair to reduce hair breakage. Experience the difference with just one use for smooth, healthy-looking and strong hair.
How it works:
This Tresemme Anti breakage masque works wonders to help restore and give moisturized look to over-processed and rough hair textures
You can use daily: it doesn't build up or weigh down the hair
Use to rejuvenate and protect against hair breakage.
Tresemme Anti breakage Masque

Tresemme Anti breakage Masque

Tresemme Anti breakage Masque

How to use:
Apply a generous amount, distributing evenly from the mid-lengths to ends.
Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Use at least once a week after shampooing for smooth, healthy looking and strong hair.
Price: Rs 360 for 180 ml
Available only in select modern retail formats and select salons.

Ingredients- Mentioned on the pack

Tresemme Anti breakage Masque

Tresemme Anti breakage Masque

Experience- So far, I have tried homemade hair packs and masques/masks or the conditioners. No, wait. I had tried a hair mask ages ago which I had to keep for like 30 minutes just like the homemade one. This Tresemme hair mask comes in a tub which is a decently sized that can hold 180 ml of the product. There is an extra safety white lid to prevent leakage making it travel friendly and easy to carry, if you are going for a tour/trip.
What strike me first was its fragrance, it smells divine, very much herbal and floral kinds. More on the mild side and nothing artificial. I always put this point as artificial smell is a complete no for me which also indicates that cheap ingredients have been added.
The hair mask is white that looks more like the conditioners, a bit thicker in consistency that those.

Tresemme Anti breakage Masque
It is supposed to be used after you shampoo your hair and that’s what I did anyways. After washing my hair, I squeezed the water out so that when I apply the conditioner or this product, The product should not come down dripping along with water, that way you can save the product from wastage making it work better. I take as per the length of my hair. The quantity that I apply is a little bit more than the quantity of the conditioners that I usually take! I apply it on the hair right below the nape till the ends, concentrating on the hair ends especially. Applying your conditioners and masks in this manner, below the nape is better as these products gives extra moisture, therefore applying it on the roots may weigh them down, making them looking flat. Which I am sure, You don’t want!!

As per the instructions I kept it for 5 minutes after which I rinsed normally. So, basically, this is supposed to be used just like the conditioner after the shampoo.
But what made it different from the conditioners is its mild soothing fragrance that lingered on for the entire day, even the next day at times.
When my hair dried there was some frizz but not that I normally see, therefore, there too it helped. Once my hair air dried and I combed, I could feel that they were softer, smoother and shiny. Yup!! Shine is one thing that I have seen every time I used this product. It’s effect stays on for 2 days on me though it depends on your hair type, climate etc. It says that it can be used everyday or every time you shampoo your hair.
Tresemme Anti breakage Masque
The quantity that I take for my hair that is 6 inches below my shoulder will make this tub of 180 ml last for around 12- 15 times approximately!! I think for the price it has decent quantity.
Overall, I would say, yes, I am impressed with this product for my hair type. I really hope that it works well for very dry hair too.

Pros Tresemme Anti breakage Masque
For the price quantity is decent
Okay tub packaging for a hair product
This tub would last for 12-1 5 usages for me
Makes hair soft and smooth
Hair looked shinier
Frizz was less
Lesser tangles due to which hair fall was lesser
Don’t have to keep it too long, just 5-6 minutes is fine
Ingredients list mentioned

Cons Tresemme Anti breakage Masque
I have not seen this online yet. I think it’s available only in select modern retail outlets and selected salons only till now as per my information.
I have no idea how will it fare for very dry, curly hair

Rating- 4.25 out of 5

Take- Tresemme Anti breakage Masque makes hair softer, smooth and shiny within a couple of minutes and as hair is smoother, hair fall is reduced considerably due to breakage. I like this hair mask that can be just like a conditioner to condition and nourish your hair. Decent quantity at the price makes it a budget buy.

*PR sample though the review is honest as always!
Tresemme Anti breakage Masque for hair fall Review Reviewed by Niesha on 11:30 am Rating: 5 Hi girls!! How's you? I will review a hair mask today, No.. a Masque. By the way, the products that we use for hair fall, do t...

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