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Tuesday 24 December 2013

The Skin Center offers Scientific Skin Therapies

The Skin Center Offers Exclusive, Scientific Skin Therapies to Help Your Skin Retain its Glow

New Delhi, December, 2013: The Skin Center, a leading skin treatment consultancy located in the heart of South Delhi is offering unique, scientific skin care therapies to help you rejuvenate and revitalize your appearance. With over 8 years of expertise in the United Kingdom, Dr Sirisha Singh founded the Skin Center in 2008.
Dr Sirisha Singh offers consultation for your skin type which helps you design a simple home-based regime for effective skin care to ward of all problems. 
Dr Sirisha, Founding Consultant, Skin Center said, “The Skin Centre brings you simple, effective methods of rejuvenating your skin this winter to give you a fresh, younger looking, well hydrated skin. Our Hair Reduction LASER is on par with global standards and helps you achieve smooth, hair-free skin and the resulting glow. The treatments offered at the centre include Photo-rejuvenation, LASER Hair Reduction, Fillers, amongst others, and the services offered at our clinic differ vastly from others.”
1. LASER Hair Reduction
The most common treatment at the clinic, the Skin Center uses the gold standard lightsheer diode by Lumenis Inc for laser hair reduction. Globally, the diode LASER is acknowledged as the gold standard for hair reduction. Lumenis Inc is also the world leader in LASERs.
The LASER uses a beam of light in the visible spectrum to permanently destroy stem cells at the root of the hair follicle which causes a permanent reduction of hair. The process is non-invasive and leaves no side-effects. One can go on with everyday chores almost immediately after the procedure.
Typically 6-8 sessions are required for most areas of the body. The results are excellent for almost everyone except people with hormonal imbalances undergoing LASER hair reduction in the lower half of the face.
Dr Sirisha Singh has been using LASERS for the past 8 years (5 in India) and is renowned for her accurate assessment. The energy settings are always done by the doctor who decides on settings after a thorough examination and LASERs on the head and neck area are always performed by the doctor.
The Skin Center prides itself in having a good response and success in people who have not responded to LASERs at other clinics.

2. Photo-rejuvenation
This is also commonly called a photo-facial. This is a rejuvenating procedure which gets rid of the tan, blemishes (black or red blemishes) line freckles and leaves the skin looking fresh, young and with an even tone and texture.
The procedure starts with a face analysis, following which visible light is flashed through the skin. Various filters are used depending upon the type of blemishes that one has. It takes about 20 minutes for the full face. Almost immediately, the tan disappears and the skin Looks fresh and the improvement increases with time.
One can use this procedure on a monthly basis to slowdown the ageing process and reduce the ravaging effects of UV light on the skin.
This is considered to be a lunchtime procedure as you can get it done during your lunch break and resume work post.
At The Skin Centre, the IPL is performed on the Lumenis One platform for this procedure. Lumenis One has invented IPL and The Skin Center was the first clinic in North India to acquire this piece of equipment.

3. Botulinum Toxin
Not very long ago, people would frown at the mention of Botox, it is no longer frowned upon and in fact many celebrities boldly acknowledge using these protein injections to soften the facial appearance.
The protein is injected into select group of muscles and it relaxes the facial muscles. It helps to give a soft appearance in people who have the number '11' lines on the forehead as the number '11' lines makes one look very severe and angry. It can be injected at the corners of the eyes to slow down the appearance of Crow’s feet. It can also be injected to give an arch to the eyebrows.
Another common use is in the lower face in the jawline, where it gives a sharply defined and chiselled jawline and can also give a pear shaped jawline in people with square jawlines.
Many people think that Botox makes them look frozen and they can't move their face, this is not true. One can continue to express oneself even after the Botox and a skilled user can give dramatic changes with no side effects. Having been trained in Botox injections in the UK, Dr Sirisha Singh is very good at assessing the face and injecting Botox for dramatic changes in the facial appearance.

4. Fillers
This is also a very popular anti-ageing procedure at the clinic. Fillers are hyaluronic acid based injections. Hyaluronic acid is the skin glue which binds water to the skin, hydrates the skin and binds all the structures in the deeper skin to each other. With age, people develop hollows in the cheeks and the face appears like it is being pulled down.
Fillers are injected in the upper cheeks to volumise the cheeks, they give a dramatic improvement and can take away at least 10 years from the face in about 30 mins.
They can also be injected into the lips to give plumped up and full lips. They can also be injected into any hollow or defect in the skin like a hollow scar or the naso-labial folds which cause the smile lines between the sides of the nose and the mouth.

5. Ablative Radiofrequency
As Indians, we are all prone to have skin tags (the tiny outgrowths on the sides of the neck and sometimes in the underarms). Although this does not pose any problem, it sometime gets caught in chains and is sore to the eyes.
A very simple and effective method for removal of these is Ablative Radiofrequency. This uses radio waves to physically destroy the outgrowths. It is a simple procedure with no risk of scarring. It leaves a scab which can be unsightly for a week but is completely safe otherwise.
The Skin Center performs several of these procedures and are proud to not have even one client with any side effect following this treatment.
Skin tags is a very common problem affecting many people, yet many people do not do anything about it partly because it doesn't bother them, comes up gradually, and partly because people do not know how simple it is to treat the skin tags.
In young people or people with multiple skin tags, another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is underlying insulin resistance. Indians are genetically more prone to develop diabetes and this group of people (young people with multiple skin tags) may need to get fasting blood glucose once a year to rule out diabetes.
The Skin Center takes care of myriad skin issues, while consumers enjoy the sheer indulgence of it, only to come back with a glow.  
About Dr Sirisha Singh
Dr Sirisha Singh, the founding member and partner consultant of The Skin Center, is highly qualified with 8 years of work experience in the United Kingdom. Dr Sirisha Singh is a well known name in the Dermatology and academic circles and keeps in touch continuously with all the latest trends in anti-ageing medicine and Dermatology by regularly attending and presenting in conferences. She is a trainer for LUMENIS and regularly trains other doctors on the use of skin LASERs. Dr Sirisha Singh is particularly interested in injectables for anti-ageing such as botulinum toxin and fillers.

Girls, if you have some questions to ask Dr Shirisha on any of the topics then do let me know.

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