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Tuesday 5 November 2013

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

Post by Tejinder Kaur

Hello everyone.

Today I am going to do a very interesting Liesbster Award post which I haven’t attempted before. I have been tagged by Aditi from chicorita 3 weeks back but I have been really busy these days with my new assignment at work. 



Friday evening has given me the perfect opportunity to have a go at this post together with The Versatile Blogger award –Seven things about me that have been tagged by my friends Radha and Natasha.

Thank you all for tagging me…Apologies for doing both the awards in one post but I need to review lots of other cosmetics I recently bought from India. 

Now back to post


Liebster Award BY Aditi (Chicorita)


I like Aditi a lot; she is indeed a wonderful person I met her through blogging. Here are her questions:


1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
Undoubtedly India! Although I love UK but with my parents back in India, I really miss them a lot, more so during the festive season.

2.  What’s your favourite meal?
Paneer Tikka Masala made by my hubby, he is a very good cook!

3. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
I get up 5:45 every day, have my bath and then offer my morning prayers in one of the designated prayer room (‘Guruji’s room’) in our home. Always thankful to god for giving me strength to rise early in the morning and continue with my regular routine.

4. How many lipsticks do you own?
Almost 150 lipsticks and counting! Drawers are overflowing but do I have enough? No way! Lol!

5. Where and what time of day do you usually write?
I usually click pics of two or three reviews together and then write whenever I get time. With my studies and new work assignment I am busy on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. With weekends busy with household chores, I am left with Monday & Friday for my review work.

6. Is there anything about yourself that you would like to change or are totally uncomfortable about?
I am short tempered and sometimes act rude in heat of the moment. I do regret it at times when a bit of constraint could have helped.

7. Do you have a pet?
No. My 4 year old son has developed a liking for dogs as his school friend Charlie has one. In fact, in the evenings after the prayers in the prayer room, he prays to god and requests a dog!

8. Best book you have read recently?

Shri Guru Granth Saheb Ji (Sikh holy book) - has been a source of knowledge, strength and guidance.

9. Beauty product you can’t live without?
Tough one, would have to be a tie between Lipstick & Kajal.

10. Gold or Silver?


11. Diamond or Gold?

Diamond any day! I wear 2 diamond rings regularly as you may have noticed on my nail paint reviews and I absolutely love them. Also love wearing my diamond ‘mangalsutra’.

Hope you liked my honest answers above, now on to the other award.

The Versatile Blogger award –Seven things about me

I have been tagged by my lovely friends Radha and Natasha. Both are my sweet hearts. Love you dearies and glad to have u in my life.

7 things about me
  • Very fun loving: I love to roam around with my friends. Lots of friends from India and Auatralia have been to me in UK & we did masti (my hubby says I behave like choti bachi - love that when he says it). I love my friends a lot. I am very loyal with my friends and expect nothing less in return. I want to enjoy each n every day of my life (Kal ho na ho) so better enjoy life without any worries.
  • Love my family: Absolutely love my hubby n my son; can’t imagine a day without them. Feel sad to leave him alone when I go over to India but I miss my family back home a lot, specially my Dad.
  • Religious: I believe in getting up early in the morning and do ‘paath’ (morning prayers). I regret when I am unable to keep up with my routine but I am sure god will forgive and give me strength for the future. I am grateful for all that he has given me; much more than I even deserve!
  • Never step out without lipstick or kajal: I love wearing lipsticks. I don’t like applying lip balms as my lips are not dry. Absolutely love MAC Kohl!
  • Hardworking: I never get things easily in my life, need to work real hard. But god never allows my hard work go to waste! It was sheer hard work that helped me shed 10 kilos in 4 months when I weigh 75. Would need to get ready for some hard work again as have put on some weight of late.
  • Short tempered: I get angry very easily and can’t control it. Don’t come close to me whenever I am in angry mood; my son never comes to But if its my mistake, I realize it later and apologize.
  • Love traveling: We have traveled a lot since getting married. Hubby and me are both Pisceans and born on the same day 4th March. We traveled to Egypt when my son was just 6 months old. Have been to so many places in 6 years - Switzerland, Paris (Disneyland included), Amsterdam, Spain, Italy & Egypt. Throw in another 10 trips to India as well! Next up on the list – Venice, Turkey, Canada & USA!
Now let me tag few of you.
Sayantayee Mukherjee
Esha Gupta

Would love to hear your answers!!

The Liebster Award Reviewed by Niesha on 7:30 am Rating: 5 The Liebster Award Post by Tejinder Kaur Hello everyone. Today I am going to do a very interesting Liesbster Award post whi...


  1. Nice to know a lot more about u Tej. Loving ur ring

  2. Good to know more about you Tej!! :) It's good that you get up so early in the morning as I have not seen the subah ka suraj for quite along time .:P may be I should now! :)
    Love ya!!

    1. Aww..yeah dear mein shoro se when I was unmarried I woke up v early...Thank you dear ♡
      Love u too :*

  3. Tejinder it was a real nice post..loved reading about you!! Lucky you that your hubby dearie is such a great cook!! :) :) You both share your birthdays too..that's awesome, you do not look short tempered at all, that is some news!!! :) :)

    1. Lol..haan short tempered. ..gussa thode time ke liye.phir gayab. ..hehe..Thank you soo much..:*.

  4. Oh..BTW thanks for the tag.. <3 I've already done a post on may check it out on my blog!! :)

  5. aww what a wonderful and cute post Tejinder!
    OMG u get up at 5:45 am? that's a brave act which i have never luck and i am sure u have a great future ahead! we all love u!
    Thanks to Niesha for bringing us all together through blogging!
    Cheers to life...cheers to friendship!!!!

  6. Very good to know about you Tej :) <3 and thank you so much for the tag :)

  7. Replies
    1. Will definitely Australia dear..Thank you soo much :)

    2. Will definitely come to Australia. .Thank you soo much :)

  8. Lovely post Tej.. the Travel part is so much Fun.. Tag me along.. ;) ;)

  9. Hey nice post. GLad to know so many things about you. Hats off that you wake up everyday so early.

  10. Thanks Tej for your kidn words! :D

  11. aww..tej..u r such a sweet to know more about u..150 lipsticks..stil uhm..i am coming..coming..wait..:)

    1. Aja isi bahanae u will come to derby..ha ha
      Thank u sweethrt :*

  12. Wow such an awesome post I loved reading about you Teju <3 :D and it is great that you have traveled to so many places lucky you are!!! :D God Bless ^_^

  13. Loved reading about you di, I really liked your habit of praying first thing in the morning, this should be a habit in every person as we should thank the one who made us and gave us a beautiful life, and about your lipsticks count, I'm gonna faint, it's so much. And cutie pie wants a dog and prays for it then why don't you get him one. And thanks for tagging me :)

    1. Well said sweetie..I got up v early when I was unmarried too..ghar mein sab jaldi uth jaatey hain..bus shoro se addat hai...n abt the dogs yes we will keep but we want samar thoda bada ho jayae :):)
      Thank you sweetie

  14. Hey Tej
    first of all nice knowing u bit more ...I really like your reviews and friendly nature ....
    and OMG at 150 lipsticks ..............yaar now me not feeling guilty :P hehehe

  15. Hey Teji... Nice to know more about you... and hats off to you if you get up at 5.45 am... I can sleep at that hour but can never think of getting up unless absolutely necessary and 150 lipsticks and counting?????????? All the best dear for accumulating more :)

    1. Ha ha ha...yes 150 lipsticks ..I counted them on that
      Thank you soo much :*:*

  16. Congrats, great post <3

  17. Hi Tej. I truly love your friendly nature and your posts :) <3 i loved reading this one, its good to know more about you <3

  18. loved reading every single word
    omg you have 150 lipsticks let me know your USA vacation plan…wanna meet with you :)

    1. I will meet u definitely dear..We will plan soon..
      Thank you soo much :*

  19. simply beautiful :)

  20. Interesting post Tej.... lovely things about you!!!!

  21. congrats dear, even i love Paneer tikka

  22. Congratulations! Loved reading about you! :) And 150 lipsticks! WOW!

  23. Got to know so much about you :D .... and congrats!!

  24. thanks Tejinder and i too love paneer tikka!

  25. Congratulations on the awards!
    I hope I manage to lose my extra weight too.
    What a coincidence to have your birthdays on the same day!
    Put Greece in your future plans!

    1. Yeah sure demi we will come to Greece as well..
      Thanks darling :*

  26. Congrats on the award. Got to you know better after what you have shared. You do have a huge collection of lipstick. I have stopped buying cosmetics because there's no more placed on my dressing table.

  27. I loved this post Tej ...knowing more about you was interesting. I am also a morning person :)

  28. Wow thanx for the award di. Loved reading more about u. I dont think u r short tempered :)

    1. Ha ha ha .do u think so...I m really short tempered meghu. .love ya alwyz ♡

  29. Great award and very nice to read your answers to the questions :)

  30. I loooooove diamonds too :D :D #SamePinch :))

  31. awwwww.. thanks for mentioning me in ur post sweetheart ... <3
    Short temper.. tell me more.. Lol .. ;)
    u are truly versatile i know Tej that's why gave u the award...
    I love u always for the way u are .. Muaahhh <3

    1. Aww.u r such a sweethrt nats ♡♡
      Muahh :*:*

  32. Teju I honestly loved readin yo post was good to know a lot about you ..150 lipsticks n still counting? gal u r a total beauty freak and I would love to see your lipstick collection some day ...

  33. Loved reading your answers!! Getting to know u more now!!

  34. Kiss, kiss from Italy darling!!!
    Havea a fab WE!!!!


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