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Friday 22 November 2013

Soulflower Sweet Rose soap Review

Soulflower Sweet Rose soap Review
Hi Everyone!!
After using Soulflower baby your skin soap, I have been a fan of their soaps and Today I will review Soulflower Sweet rose soap.
Price- 200 INR for 150 gm.
Soulflower soaps can be used on body and face as well and they do not have artificial hardeners or preservatives which makes them stand apart from rest of the cleanser and face wash. 
Claims- “It provide extra aroma & sent to the soap Rose & rosehip essential oils heal. Scars, including acne scars & old scars, Dry eczema, Skin burns, including sunburns, are visibly reduced. It rehydrates dry skin and repairs damaged skin cells of all sorts. It is also effective against wrinkles.”
Soulflower Sweet Rose soap Review
Contains- Rosehip essential oil, crushed rose petals, Vitamin E, glycerin, aqua, saponified oils of olive, coconut ,palm & palm kernel.
Sweet Rose soap is a corally orange colored bar soap which is 150 gm for 200 rupees, You can get them for less on online shopping sites like flipkart, Medplusbeauty etc.
It smells like Roses but there is some other significant smell too which reminds me of some perfumed oil. It lathers well and is very soft since they have not used artificial hardeners in their soaps. 
Soulflower Sweet Rose soap Review

Soulflower Sweet Rose soap Review

This soulflower soap has Rosehip essential oil, rose petals, Glycerin that hydrates dry skin by attracting moisture, vitamin E nourishes the skin, coconut, castor and palm oil helps further in keeping the skin moist.
As per the claims, this soap is very good for dry, mature skin so, my mum was using this and she says that her skin feels moisturized after using this soap. Lathers are not as creamy as the baby your soap but good enough to cleansed skin properly.
At times, she feels a little bit stretchy after using this, maybe it’s weather or cleansing for a longer than usual than strips the oil from the skin and her being already dry gets more dry further.
After using it for a long time, my mum feels that it does a decent job but it isn’t something that she will really want to repurchase. Like I would have repurchased baby your skin soap as it was really good for even normal to combination skin, if not oily, but beauty blogging makes me try a lot of new face washes and also samples that are being sent to me. Else baby your soap was worth repurchasing.

Soulflower Sweet Rose soap Review

This soap is overall a decent soap but not that I will say you have to try. Even I have tried it a couple of times and it was good though nothing extraordinary.
This soap will last for around 2 months if you are only using it as a facial cleanser, you can cut it in chunks and store in dry place as they do not have hardeners, therefore, they are more likely to melt or dissolve.
Pros and cons of Soulflower Sweet rose Soap
Available on leading online shopping sites
This 200 g will last for 2 months if used only for the face.
Cleanses the face gently
Doesn’t dry out the skin most of the times
Lathers well
Skin feel hydrated and cleansed

May not suit oily skin types 

Rating 3.5 out of 5

Take- Soulflower rose soap is a decent face cleanser or even body soap that cleanses the skin well and keeps it hydrated. It can be suitable for dry to normal skin types and even mature skin though there is nothing so extremely good about this soap that you will have to try it. If you wish you can try, else leave it!
Soulflower Sweet Rose soap Review Reviewed by Niesha on 2:46 pm Rating: 5 Soulflower Sweet Rose soap Review Hi Everyone!! After using Soulflower baby your skin soap, I have been a fan of their soaps and T...


  1. I am wondering how beautiful it might smell! Sounds like a decent product, I like this brand.. :D

    1. It smells decently good but baby your skin was heavenly smelling.:)

  2. rose fragrance.. dissolving is issue with hand made and natural soap.

    1. they dont have hardeners na that's why.:)

  3. i have used this... the smell is nice!!

  4. Sounds good :) I'm yet to try this brand!

  5. Looks good... M yet to try this brand though :)

  6. I will buy it for my bro. He has recently started liking the natural soaps after I gave him a few to try :)

  7. looks yummy...great review niesha..


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