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Saturday, 12 October 2013

IMBB Journey, Insight and two cents

Hello everyone!! happy weekend!

I still remember back in 2011 winters, I somehow stumbled upon a place called IMBB Indian makeup and beauty blog. Here I think most of the bloggers and readers have the similar story to share like me and how I got addicted to IMBB!
It was started in 2009 by Rati and Sanjeev ji, her husband, their efforts and hard work has paid off and it stands tall amongst the beauty and makeup blogs due to which I don’t think it needs any introduction.

At that time, Beauty, makeup blogs etc were something totally new to me!! 

I was only aware about the websites that enlightens you with beauty and makeup articles. So, IMBB was like a world of like minded people who shared their beautiful pictures, reviews, eye makeup etc and being a beauty enthusiast I was hooked and later founded the existence of other blogs!
I used to read and browse articles for hours, would checkout swatches and create a wish list that these are the things I have to buy. There were a lot of brands that I came to know because of them and it eventually it inspired me to such an extent that I end up starting my own blog and my first post on IMBB where they introduced me! Felt really good and I owe it to them for this and till now I make it a point to visit at least once in a couple of days.
I love how Rati manages to pull every outfit and color so gracefully and others of course who do outfit posts there. It gives ideas to the readers who are willing to see girls like them flaunting their style.
Apart from that I like that writers come up with every possible beauty related topic under the sun weather is it beauty articles, grooming or about makeup but what I liked the most is the DIYs that people come up with. Being a DIY lover and having a soft spot for creativity and art, I always enjoy seeing writers coming up with great projects whether it can be some diy necklace, bracelet, earring, makeup storage, brush holders etc!

Now, I would like to mention one thing here! Everyone has a learning curve, the point where they are learning. For eg, if you will see my old posts they clearly speaks how novice, Ignorant I was about photography, reviewing or even the write up!! Which I feel a 5th grader would have done better than me!! I still have not edited them as it show someone’s growth as a learner.
But when you like something or look upto that thing, you always want that thing or person to stay like that or even better, I know it takes a lot of hard work to reach a particular position which IMBB no doubt has done but what is even harder is to maintain that.
Presently, there is something which pinches me at times being a reader. For the past so many months, I saw a lot of posts which looks like that of a newbie blogger or writer! As I mentioned everyone has those first few learning steps but when those posts appear on a place like IMBB, I feel bad as quality check lacks or those posts can pass it. 
The think the writers could have been guided well or given them some more time to let to them know where they have to improvise! Such posts have increased in the past so many months and the areas where the writer could have shared some more information with the readers and it doesn’t matter how we share it, imbibed in humor or in plain text till the time you can convey what you want to say!

Apart from that, pictures and swatches especially could have been improved or taken in sufficient light so that the actual colors can be seen and I noticed at times swatches were no there.
There are some of the writers, who take an extra step whether it is a product review in terms of the writing part or the pictures. 

I really wish some of them don’t take that place for granted as it takes a lot to create a Brand name!!

I really appreciate the IMBB team for giving me an opportunity to share my honest opinion!
IMBB Journey, Insight and two cents Reviewed by Niesha on 7:30 am Rating: 5 Hello everyone!! happy weekend! I still remember back in 2011 winters, I somehow stumbled upon a place called IMBB Indian...


  1. Nice Review Niesh and yeah they are the starters for all beauty bloggers in India :D

    1. Couldn't agree more dear!! they are. :D I feel kinda attached to IMBB still.

  2. Nice review Niesha, even I feel that their standards have come down a bit recently.

    1. Thank you Dear! I really hope, we get to see the same kinda reviews which inspired a lot of us.:)

  3. Thanks for the insights. I always used to wonder how come some posts were so polished while others completely a turn off, though I am not a member or a regular reader there.

    1. :D That is what pinches me at times! the place that has earned a top spot because of the quality and hard work of the founders and old writers, seems to dwindle the standard due to couple of posts which couldn't live upto the standard that they have set!

  4. awww, I love IMBB too. It has helped me in my journey of discovering beauty products. :')

  5. nice to know abt ur journey... the fact cannot be denied that they have been the pioneers of beauty blogging in India . Everyone learns along the way and i can say i truly love ur blog and ur articles..... Lots of good wishes Niesha <3

    1. :D thank you Natasha! <3
      I agree they are undoubtedly!

  6. IMBB was the first blog that I ever followed but now somehow I feel the quality of the posts have gone down. some of the post are really great and some of them are like big thumbs down!


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