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Tuesday 29 October 2013

I Love shower gel Review

I Love shower gel Review

Hey girls!!
I am reviewing a shower gel that I have almost finished. Yeah!! I am about to finish it. As, I like to use a different one everyday Currently, I have Nivea, Lux, Enliven, Pears, Fiama this one and Palmolive.
Today, "I love" would be under the test which I got in my vellvette bag.

It’s actually brand from USA that you can buy from vellvette.com for 250 rupees for 200 ml.

Claims- Fall in love again; there’s something about the super smoothness of a thick creamy aroma, united with a burst of fresh strawberries, that leaves the senses elated and the tastebuds-a-tingling!
Squeeze generously into the palm of the hand and rub over wet skin to buff, moisturize and smooth skin to a gorgeous shine.
Rinse off when you've had enough fun to leave skin super smooth and smelling fabulous.

Experience- First of all, I have become a fan of it’s awesome strawberry and milkshake kind of fragrance that smells divine and can instantly energize you.
It comes in a flip top cap and sturdy leak proof one due to which it can be easily carried while traveling. It isn’t too thick or too runny but medium creamy consistency, While using it, I didn’t feel the urge it take more as once I took some in my loofah, it was sufficient for the entire bath. It feels so soft and while you are rubbing across, it reminds me of rubbing actual strawberries instead of a shower gel. Heavenly it smells! So fruity and fresh!

It lathers very well and while you rinse it, in spite of it lathering adequately, a lot of water is not required which normally happens with body washes and shower gels, again you are saving water with this body wash.
It says that it can be used as a bubble bath, though I haven’t tried that way!

After the wash, my skin doesn’t feel slimy or dry. I have this disliking for shower gels that make my skin too slimy once rinse off but this one is just perfect as it hydrates but will not make me slimy. I don't have dry body skin by the way.
Even after, you are done with the shower; there is a faint fragrance that lingers for some time.
I like it so much that I really want to try the mango and raspberry variants too!!
I love "I love"

Rating- 5 out of 5

Take- I really like this shower gel for it’s heavenly fragrance, smooth creamy formula that lathers well and a decent amount is enough for the entire bath. 
I will definitely recommend it!
I Love shower gel Review Reviewed by Niesha on 11:55 pm Rating: 5 I Love shower gel Review Hey girls!! I am reviewing a shower gel that I have almost finished. Yeah!! I am about to finis...


  1. wow 5/5 :) i will surely try this one out :) thanks for this review :)

  2. I dnt like strawberry fragrance and anything which says strawberry

  3. Wow seems so much like my taste, beautifully reviewed Nieshu. I too got one in coconut fragrance... thou that is quite gentle but the fragrance give me a headache :) haha seriously who in the world would want to smell like a coconut :p

  4. Woah! 5/5!

    Seems Like a Must Try! Although I Curreently Have 3 More To Finish :P

  5. Looks like an amazing shower gel :) Well reviewed dear <3

  6. I got the blue one in my box but that had a very overbearing fake smell!

    I wish I had gotten this one :)

  7. I had ordered it some 3 weeks back purplle.com and still havnt received.

  8. Wow this is so tempting.....this can be used for bubble bath as well....coool!!!!!
    M getting this!

  9. Sounds awesome! I've seen this around but I've not bought anything from them! I've seen that they have many scents and I'd love to try all their fruity scents!

  10. Looks like a nice body wash, I have not yet tried it.

  11. This looks so good nice Review niesh :)

  12. It looks so pretty! I need to try this :) Nice review :) I like showergels that wash off easily too.

  13. Wow looks soothing to the eyes. Will try it out <3

  14. straweberry milkshake..sounds yummy :) Nice review btw which nail polish shade are you wearing its so pretty

    1. Thank you!! It is Faces canada persimmon.

  15. Sounds perfect. Nice review, dear ;)

  16. I would give it the same rating as yours :)

  17. Nice review.. sounds good bt then it isnt available....

  18. a 5ver for this shower gel!! wowo... must try this :)

  19. looks great n yummy ...nice review niesha <3


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