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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Kesh king Hair oil Reviews

Kesh king Hair oil Review

I will review Kesh King hair oil today. This actually comes from my mum and cousin  who have used this and as recently, there were couple of people who asked me about this particular oil therefore, it will be good to share with the readers.
I have used this Kesh King hair oil a couple of times earlier then I went to no oiling mode! Yeah! I do that very often and then when I started oiling my hair again, I went with castor oil and olive oil.
Kesh King Hair oil is priced at 136 INR for 100 ml in India. It comes in a plastic bottle with a pretty long neck and has a flip top cap. Quite user friendly packaging! 
Kesh king Hair oil Review
Kesh king Hair oil Review

Company says that Kesh King hair oil contains all the natural and Ayurvedic ingredients like Amla, brahmi, Brahngraj to name a few which certain others. The oil smells herbal types with amla smell being promonent at times and has a very similar green color as that of any Amla oil.
Check the picture for the complete list of the ingredients!
I have used Kesh king hair oil only a couple of times but haven't seen any significant improvement in hairfall though my hair felt softer and smoother. This hair oil is packed with a lot of good herbs that can make hair strands thicker. While shampooing you will need more than the usual amount of shampoo that you would normally use as taking off oil from your hair can be tiring at times, but Kesh King hair oil goes away pretty decently quick. Never use too much of shampoo as it can make your hair dry and do use a conditioner afterwards.
Kesh king Hair oil Review
Kesh king Hair oil Review
My cousin who uses this Kesh King hair oil mentions that this oil has improved and made her hair thicker naturally. though she wasn’t suffering from hairfall so whatever this oil did to her was all good. she likes this hair oil.

Kesh king Hair oil Review
Kesh king Hair oil Review
My mum got this Kesh King hair oil on my cousin's recommendations and as you can see she has already finished half of the bottle. She has seen an improvement in the texture of her hair just like my cousin but when it comes to hair fall control, there was some relief temporarily but than it was the same again. 
I doubt whether the temporary relief was due to this oil or some other factor but I would like to mention one thing here that rarely oils can prevent hair fall and even if they do they will be temporary, as hair fall can be due to a lot of factor like stress, environment, diet etc. make sure you take a healthy diet and stay stress free this would be my best advice to those who wish to control hairfall as I have seen some positive results implementing the same.
Kesh king hair oil has definitely made my mum's hair thicker and better but as I said hair fall was something where not much relief was seen. But you can try this oil!

Rating- 3.75 out of 5

Take- Kesh King hair oil can improve the hair texture and make them softer and smoother due to its herbal ingredients but when it comes to hair fall nothing much was seen. You can try it for improvement in hair texture and thickness or may be for you it can help in hair-fall as well. 

Kesh king Hair oil Reviews Reviewed by Niesha on 8:00 am Rating: 5 Kesh king Hair oil Review I will review Kesh King hair oil today. This actually comes from my mum and cousin  who have used this and as...


  1. Replies
    1. I will not recommend it either! :)

    2. If you are not recommending it being the expert, then could you suggest some other product in the alternative to control hairfall because a person who has got problem would definitely want something to psychologically soothe his belief regarding hairfall.

    3. You are right! Certain things can help psychologically. I did mention a couple of oils in the post.
      Olive oil can be beneficial along with dabur amla.

  2. keshking is nothing but its bulshit... bcoz it doesn't work... m using it from 2 months... nd there is no change in the length of my hairs.... it's jst giving hairfall, dandruff nothing else

    1. Though my cousin also likes this oil, I am still not convinced that it can do something good, in terms of the hairfall.

  3. My mom used this she is 60+ and I could see increase in her hair growth also texture of her hair improved(She has very thin hairs, length was just below neck). So I thought of giving this oil a try. Hair fall has reduced and I can see new hair growth.(Just finished 1 bottle of it). All in all i am going to buy another bottle :).Sometimes I feel the oil you use also depends on your hair type and scalp. for ex Bajaj Almond drop does not suit my hairs

  4. And one more thing, I switched to Biotique herbal shampoo as this oil is totally herbal. I was using Sulphate based shampoo earlier(Sunsilk). Hope this helps someone :)

  5. I am reviewing the Kesh King Hair Oil available in India today. This review is for all those people who are suffering from hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp and other hair problems.

    As I have been using this product from last 3 months now i guess i am in a position to review it for all of you who want to use this product.

    I had a problem of huge amount of hair fall and dandruff. Dandruff flakes would fall from my head whenever i rubbed the scalp with my finger nails. I started using this product everyday by pouring a large quantity of oil on the head directly and then would rub the hair. After doing this for a month i noticed there was no change in my hair condition, i was still losing hair at the same rate.

    I was on the verge of leaving it but then i realized the instructions may be wrong. I started applying a little quantity every alternate day directly on my scalp with the help of fingertips and would rub it on the scalp for a minute or so very gently. Then i would leave it overnight and wash it in the morning with a mild shampoo. After using it for another month i saw that the hair fall was very less. My hair had become a little thick and the texture was smooth and felt better.

    If you have used this product and never got any results, give it a try once again with the method i have described and you will surely see the difference.


    1. Take out the required quantity of hair oil in a open mouth container.
    2. Apply it directly on the scalp with the fingertips.
    3. Message gently on the scalp.
    4. Leave it overnight for best results.
    5. Rinse of with a mild shampoo. You don't need any hard shampoos to rinse it off.
    6. Use the hair oil every alternate day for best results, as i am still using it every alternate day.


    1. Reduces hair fall.
    2. Reduces dandruff.
    3. Thickens the hairs.
    4. Gives hairs texture and smoothness.


    1. Don't rub the hair oil too hard on your scalp.
    2. Don't apply large quantity at a time, it will not show any result quicker.
    3. Don't use harsh shampoos to remove the oil.
    4. Don't use it everyday, rather use it on alternate days and leave it overnight.

    See more on

  6. Bhringraj oil is better compared to keshking

    1. Bhringraj oil is really better to control hair fall

  7. Which oil is better to control hair fall and grow new hair plzz give me your valuable suggestions. Thanking you in advance

  8. Rubbish oil i am use few month 4 not improvment ..after use high hair fall ...

    Also use onion juice ur scalp ...n amla jam.

  9. hi neisha mam i am just suffering from a major hair loss from nearly 1 year i just don't have that much stress,i don't go outside, my diet is good i just don't eat junk food or outside's food from 5 years. now pls tell me why my hairs are breaking i am in a big trouble can u suggest a shampoo for me pls pls mam

  10. Kesh King oil is something which will test your patience at the highest level possible! But if you use it in a proper way, you will definietly see good results. Follow this method:
    1. Comb you hair properly to detangle.
    2. Put the oil very gently and don't use it too much.And yes, give yourself a good massage for as long as you want!
    3.Now this is the tricky part! Try to part your hair and tie your hair in two plaits if you can.(This has helped me a lot)
    4. Leave it overnight and wash it off with whatever shampoo you have been using. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SHAMPOO AT ANY COST!
    5.This part is very important. Dry your hair completely. Do not leave it wet or comb it while it's wet! Even if you have to use a dryer, use it and after that apply a little bit of serum or a couple of drops of kesh king oil only.

    Repeat all the steps on a daily basis for a month and thank me later! ;)

  11. When I was start using this kesh king oil... It works... And my hair regrowth , and even no hairfall at all... But now too much hairfalll again start.... What can I do plzzz suggest plzzz I m soooo worry... Suggest me shampoo also... I m using dove now

  12. dont use this oil ever if u loves your hair. After using this oil too much hair fall start for me and dandruff dont ask. I gave this to my husband to try; he dosent have problem of dandruff but after using he also facing dandruff problem and his hairs also start falling badly.
    Please dont use and never suggest to anyone.

  13. Asking question that I am using kesh king for 7-8days I have Pipels on my scalp after using oil.....what's happening it's natural or problem...


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