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Friday 30 August 2013

Teal Grey Smokey Eye makeup

Guest Blogger Post By Reshma

Hi Everyone!

Today's eye makeup look is shared by Reshma Patel and she created a Teal grey smokey eye makeup look which is just perfect for a party and so beautiful that can be easily sported during the day! 

Grey Smokey Eye makeup
Here she goes with her look and how she did it!

Grey Smokey Eye makeup

First I used the teal colour from the Dusk Til Dawn palette in the inner 3rd  of my eye lid staying below the crease.
In the middle of the eyelid I used the grey colour marked 2 from the same palette.
On the outer corner I used the navy blue colour marked 3.
I followed the same steps for the lower eyelid staying close to the lash line.
For the tear duct and browbone I used the light pink colour number 4.
I then used MAC Texture in the crease to blend all the colours and give a soft look.
Lined the top lash line with a black gel liner and added Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara.

Grey Smokey Eye makeup

Products Used :
MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Dusk till Dawn

MAC Texture eye shadow

Black gel liner

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Reshma Patel is a blogger and she has her own blog Dazzlegloss3 where she shares her passion for beauty. Hope you visit her blog and follow too! 
You can also see her recreation of my Copper Gold eye makeup which she has done beautifully!
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  1. That is just so beautiful and its nicely done.

  2. Beautiful eye make-up Reshma :)
    I loved the combo of Teal n Grey - great thinking dear <3

  3. Thank you sooo much guys!!!!
    Special thank you to niesha for posting this.

  4. Beautiful and gorgeous eye makeup Reshma! I liked the combination and the way it came out! :)

  5. very pretty eye makeup reshma..followng you dear :)

    my recent one :http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2013/08/bourjois-paris-intense-extrait-eyeshadows-05-08-swatches-review-eotd.html

  6. B'ful n Wearable Eye Makeup, Reshma!:)

  7. Very nice make up =)
    Suitable for every occasion =)

  8. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all your comments. Thanks a lot. Please do follow me on blogger , twitter and instagram for more updates



  9. Such a beautiful eye makeup.. lobedd the comboo..:D :D

  10. Wow lovely look. looks fab on ur eyes!

  11. The mua palette looks pretty! Lovely eotd Sugandha!

  12. Oops sorry! The eyes looked similar to Sugandha's lol.. Lovely look Rashmi(:

  13. the blue and grey are lovely together

  14. Thank you so much guys!! Please do check out my recreation of Niesha's copper eye look linked in the post above!!
    Love you all!!


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