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Thursday 13 June 2013

Vaadi Herbals Fruit Splash soap Review

Vaadi Herbals Fruit Splash Soap

Hello all!!

How many of you like fruitilicious yummy smell? I am sure most of you would. I love fruity smell too. You may be aware if you are a regular reader here that I have been raving a lot about Vaadi herbals soaps as they are not only good smelling but for the price, they are pretty nice! Today, I will review this  Fruit splash soap that I got it as a sample, well actually I choose it myself as after using their other soaps like Royal Indian Khus etc, I really wanted to try other variants.

This fruit soap is for 38 INR. Really cheap and very affordable too. Isn’t it? :D

This Fruit splash soap is handmade with essential oils or to be more simple they are like the glycerin soaps with some added ingredients and oils.
By looking at the pack, I was getting temp to try it. Just look at the colorful fruity packaging! On the pack it says, it has extracts of orange, peach, green apple and lemon.
But don’t know why they have taken pics of other fruits like grapes, etc. anyways!

Undoubtedly, it smells yummy and very refreshing! Just love this smell and trust me it smells so delicious that you would want to eat it. Seriously!! Every time, I use this, it feels so refreshing and a great experience!
Like any other glycerin soaps it lathers well, deep cleans the skin and does moisturizes too!
Haven’t finished it yet, it is still half left and would like to repurchase it, since it comes so cheap. If you have used khadi soaps then let me tell you they are better and a tad cheaper than those!

Available on most of the leading online shopping sites excluding
Fruity smell which is just amazing.
Lathers well
Moisturizes the skin, doesn’t leave it dry
It says, it has the goodness of peach, green apple, lemon, oranges

Glycerin soap so lasts less than the other non glycerin versions.

Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Honestly, at that price, I could not think of any other drawback in this soap. (nothing to do with the fact that it’s a sample, it deserves that rating.)

My take: I will definitely recommend it, try at least one of them and decide yourself as I am pretty much sure you will like them for their affordability and great smell.

PR sample: But review is honest as always. 
Vaadi Herbals Fruit Splash soap Review Reviewed by Niesha on 1:03 pm Rating: 5 Vaadi Herbals Fruit Splash Soap Hello all!! How many of you like fruitilicious yummy smell? I am sure most of you would. I love...


  1. I like glycerin soaps for their soft feel and this one looks tempting too with its shimmery look.. nice review Neisha!! :)

    1. Thanks Poonam.:) Vaadi soaps are really affordable and fares well.:)

  2. This fruity body bars are so tempting.. :D m desperate to try them :)

  3. This fruity body bars are so tempting.. :D m eager to try out :)

  4. Nice one...I think I should give it a try...:)

  5. Yummyy yumm.. I am seriously going to try this next! Nice review Neish.

  6. Ur reviews are tempting me to try Vaadi! Lovely review Nieshu :)

    1. Try it Meghu, you will like them dear.:)

  7. Vaadi Herbals soaps are rocks always I love them dear...
    Nice Review Niesh :)

  8. can u tell what are the integrents used in safron soap. i used the safron soap,it is awesome improvement in my skin.can u tell what are the integrents?


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