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Monday 20 May 2013

Skeyndor Body Sculpt - Give a Perfect Contour to Your Body

Give a Perfect Contour to Your Body with Skeyndor Body Sculpt 
The boost in Body Shaping came with a catch. Body contouring is a general term that refers to any surgical procedure that alters different areas of the body, whether it is in a massive weight loss patient or not. Body contouring after massive weight loss refers to a series of procedures that eliminate and/or reduce excess skin and fat that remains after obese individuals lose a significant amount of weight, in a variety of places including the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs.  

Body contouring and shaping includes different techniques to help reshape and rejuvenate almost any area of the body. In the past, plastic surgery has been the only answer to these issues and the laser techniques never saw a long lasting effect in contouring the body. Now, we are able to use non-invasive technology to achieve a reduction in size of certain body areas, increased tone in lax or redundant skin and a diminished appearance of cellulite.

Keeping all this in mind, Spain’s No.1 SKEYNDOR, the world’s top international scientific skin care brand launches The Body Sculpt Line. Body Sculpt line is formulated for Advanced Body Treatment Anti-Cellulite/Anti-Flaccid Skin. Body Sculpt is the result of research into new active ingredients that can treat the most common disorders, such as cellulite or flaccid skin. In addition, this research also considers that the body shaping centers’ must respond to the most demanding requests of their clients who need visible, effective results.

The SCULPT is an innovative reduction treatment for stubborn cellulite that reduces adipose tissue and associated cellulite throughout the body. Genetic inheritance, sedentary lifestyles and an unbalanced calorie diet lead to the formation and accumulation of adipose tissue, which results in an anti-aesthetic accumulation of fat that has to be broken down.  The SCULPT incorporates the Isorhamnetine molecule which, to date, is the only one capable of inhibiting the maturity of adipose cells, by directly blocking the self-generating ability of fatty tissue by directly inhibiting the resident stem cells.

The SCULPT acts on the various processes that lead to fat accumulation:
·        It activates basal lipolisys, degrading the triglycerides
·        It enhances the lipolisys induced by adrenaline, during exercise or stress situations.
·        It inhibits lipogenesis, the formation of triglycerides, after eating food
·        It inhibits adipogenesis, differentiating mature adiposities, as an overall preventive effect
·        It improves stretch marks post pregnancy or other factors
·        It tones and firms the body thus giving a perfect contour.
Availability: All leading salons across the nation and also available at
Skeyndor – Epitomizing professional cosmetics for 46 Years
Skeyndor, the Spanish term for “golden skin,” was founded in 1966 in Terrassa, Spain, a small town near cosmopolitan Barcelona. Today, Skeyndor is Spain’s No. 1 skincare brand, as well as being ranked as one of the world’s top fifteen cosmetic brands. Their cosmetic line, including over 200 products catering

to a variety of skincare needs, is widely used in spas, clinics and professional salons from Canada to New Zealand. Skeyndor has 40 international distributors and is now available in over 45 countries worldwide.

Over forty-Six years, Skeyndor’s success has been predicated on a philosophy of constant pursuit for excellence. Thanks to collaboration with renowned specialists, in-depth research on a variety of skin problems and use of cutting-edge technologies in the field, Skeyndor’s knowledge of beauty and skincare is unmatched. This history of first-class beauty and skincare products has led it to the unique motto of “Scientific Skincare”.

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