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Thursday 18 April 2013

Vivel Cell renew Presents Skin Facts: Micro Climate

Vivel Cell renew Presents Skin Facts: Micro Climate

Do you know that you cross several miniature climatic zones in one single day!

Since the time you wake up till the time you hit the bed again, you move in and out of several miniature climatic zones or microclimates, not realizing the harsh and stressing effects they leave behind on your skin, making it dull, lifeless and age faster. 

Microclimate is the climate of a small, specific place within say, a city, as contrasted with the climate of the entire city. For example, cool mornings versus hot afternoons and evening showers; steam or sauna baths versus cool air of the air-conditioner; heat in the kitchen versus any other room; green windy parks versus crowded shopping areas; a weekend trip to forest outskirts versus sunny business city streets etc. These fluctuations in humidity and temperature along with environmental stresses such as solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation and pollution are sure to damage your skin. 

Constant damage caused by microclimatic conditions- As a result of microclimatic fluctuations, your skin loses moisture and may crack and peel, or become irritated and show signs of inflammation like redness and rashes. A normal skin with regular moisture levels sloughs-off dead cells naturally from the superficial layers to renew skin on a periodic basis. But, on the other hand, in dry damaged skin, lack of adequate moisture leads to disturbed peeling of cells so that the superficial layers remain attached on the surface of the skin as scales or clumps of cells – these are seen as white flakes. Loads of scientific research literature tells us that skin hydration is tightly linked to  skin ageing.  So, to help combat the microenvironment fluctuations that you undergo each day, we have created specialized skin-care products by inclusion of ingredients that hydrate and renew your skin and help slow down skin ageing.
Damage due to environmental exposure- Other than dry skin, UV-induced skin damage leads in the appearance of a leather-like texture, wrinkles, dark spots, loss of elasticity, blistering in sunburn followed by peeling, then tanning. Although you take utmost care of your skin, it becomes dull, hyperpigmented and wrinkled in effect of UV radiations. These signs of ageing are dramatically aggravated by other harsh environmental factors. UV and harmful pollutants lead to generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and other free radicals that attack the skin’s structural proteins like collagen and elastin, causing the skin structure to break down.

Vivel Cell Renew (Fortify + Repair)
We bring to you Cell Renew range of products after intensive research, which are proven to improve skin glow, softness, brightness, firmness and provide nourished youthful radiance. Cell Renew products fortify skin with vitamin and moisturizers, delivered through Pro-Vitamin E, Glycerine, Olive oil/Shea butter. These ingredients enhance your skin hydration and help restore the impaired skin-barrier, leaving your skin protected from environmental stresses and microenvironment changes.
Cell Renew products also contain Octyl Methoxycinnamate (OMC) and Pro-Vitamin E that provide protection from UV-induced skin damage - OMC acts as a UV filter and Vitamin E acetate prevents collagen breakdown by scavenging harmful free radicals, helping the skin appear younger and firmer.

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