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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Home remedies to remove Tanning in Summers

Home remedies to remove Tanning in Summers

Sun is a source of Vitamin D.. Agreed!! But then staying in sun for long hours especially during the peak hours can lead to skin problems like sun burns and tanning. In my case, Tanning is most seen on my arms. Some can have on the forehead.Our kitchen is full of such products that can help getting rid of tan and the convenience of our home and they are very easy to do. Not only tanning, these natural home remedies can give us smooth and suppled skin.
Here are some home remedies to help you get rid of tanning:

Curd: Take a bowl of curd and put some water to dilute it and also stir it well to get a smooth consistency. Apply it on the affected area or take it with you in the shower and rub it well and let it soak in for at least 15 minutes. It will not only sooth your skin but also lighten the tan and with frequent use tan will be gone !! Instead of curd, you may also use butter milk which is equally effective as curd.

Raw milk and turmeric: Take half a cup of raw/unboiled milk and mix three pinches of turmeric. Rub it well on the areas like arms and cheeks, wherever you notice tanning and then leave it like that till the morning. In the morning take shower and remove it. This will not only lighten but will also make skin soft and also if there are some patches or spots they will also get lightened.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera can be a wonder product that can be beneficial in insect bites, sun burns, burns and rashes. Take aloe gel and use it to on body parts that are tanned but using fresh aloe gel is far more effective. For that you may take an aloe Vera gel leave and extract the gel and use that fresh gel to soothe the skin and remove tan too!

Tomatoes: When it comes to improve skin texture, lighten spots and patches or getting rid of the tanning. Tomatoes can never be neglected. All you have to do is to take a medium size tomato. Cut it in half and rub it in circular motion. Let the juices get into and soak into the skin for good 20 minutes and then rinse off! 

Cucumber:  Just like the tomatoes you may also use cucumbers.
These natural treatments will not cost you anything but still they are very effective with no side effect at all unless you aren’t allergic to anything mentioned above. 

Try them yourself and stay beautiful!! And don’t forget to use your sunscreens whenever you go out in the sun, No matter whether it’s cloudy or Sunny!!

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    1. Hope it works fine as i love these to get rid of tan too.:)

  2. I love natural treatments but suck at eing consistant :P should try the aloe vera thing

    1. Thank you Jeeshan. I know even I am not regular.:P

  3. very useful tips..thnx for sharing..waiting for summers in Uk or will plan to go somewhere...this post already bookmarked..:)

  4. wow nice tips thxn!
    abot the paypal payment... i have heard very negative review on it

    1. Thank you Jeremiah.:)
      No dear, paypal is the safest method.:)

  5. Fab tips Nieshu! I'm bookmarking it :)


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