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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Fiama Di Wills Hair Expert Sapna Bhavnani

Fiama Di Wills Hair Expert – Sapna Bhavnani 

Hairstyling is not a profession, you can get into if you do not understand the role of tresses, play in highlighting her best features and hiding her facial flaws. Fiama Di Wills Hair Expert, Sapna Bhavnani gives you the lowdown. 

The number one rule in this business is ALWAYS structure a hairstyle based on what a person looks like. Their facial structure is probably the single most important thing when deciding what sort of haircut to give them. 

Even the most standard haircuts need to be mixed and matched, based on little things like how high the cheekbones are or how narrow the nose is. The most smashing style on one person can absolutely bomb on someone else. Another thing to remember is that for any haircut, to look good, you need to ensure that your hair is healthy, strong and damage free. You can achieve this very simply by using a nourishing shampoo with macademia nut oil like the Fiama Di Wills Total Damage Control Shampoo followed by a conditioner and serum to style every alternate day.
Now, without further ado, here are a few hairstyles for common Indian face structures
1.      If you have a round face, fear not. Long hair with long layers will work like a charm – the layers will frame your face and take attention away from the roundness. For long hair, you will need to ensure that your hair is strong and thick, so that Avoid short styles like the plague, though. They’ll make your face appear rounder.

2.      Heart-shaped faces are wider at the top, and this can result in your face looking slightly top-heavy. You need to balance that out, and long, side swept bangs will do the trick. This sort of hairstyle will take attention away from the top of your face and towards the eyes.

3.      A face that is oblong will require bangs. Bangs make your face appear shorter because they cover up a particularly large forehead. One can choose from blunt bangs and long, sideswept bangs. Chin-length cuts will also work, because they create the illusion of width, moving the focus away from the length of your face. Experimentation is the new mantra. If you like coloring your hair, bangs will look beautiful in colored hair. Maintain your hair color and style it well by using Fiama Di Wills Color Damage Repair Serum crafted with Almond Nut Oil.

4.      Oval faces are the most versatile, and you should go for layers near your cheekbones, lips or chin. Bottom line – draw attention to the feature that you want to highlight.

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  1. this is a great post, I have a round face and am trying to grow out the front pieces of my hair to frame my face better. I'm also growing out a full fringe because I realised after years of having it that it doesnt suit my face shape! x

  2. Good one niesha.. I love this lady for her attitude and she looks pretty in colored hair

    1. colored hair look good on very few people and she may be one of them .:)


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