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Thursday 4 April 2013 Site Introduction Site Introduction

Hello Everyone,
Online shopping is addictive! Isn’t it. It saves time and may fetch good discounts at times.
While browsing, I came across this site called which has got all the popular makeup, skin care, hair care and fragrance brands with them like Colorbar, Maybelline Revlon, oriflame, Clarins, Vichy, Thalgo etc.there are so many of them.

This is what they say about the site: is an online megastore with specialization in beauty products. Our idea is to make best of the products available to everybody at best price and with minimum efforts. Now you need to go tired looking around for the right product for your skin or hair at the local cosmetic store. 

At beautykafe, we are trying to build a platform where it is easy for you to decide the right product for your beauty goals.
Beautykafe is undoubtedly the best place to buy all your beauty essential and here are some of the reasons for you to believe on us.
  • Largest collection of Beauty products with over 400 top brands.
  • Unbelievable prices and offers.
  • Free shipping* to over 4000 pin codes in India.
  • Exception shopping experience and customer service.
  • 30 days return policy.
I find the site very user friendly and navigation is easy but the only thing I wish is that the same shades of a particular product could have been clubbed rather than showing different thumbnails for each and every shade.
I am really looking forward to shop with them especially the oriflame products. And once I will do, I will share my shopping experience!! Site Introduction Reviewed by Niesha on 4:34 pm Rating: 5 Site Introduction Hello Everyone, Online shopping is addictive! Isn’t it. It saves time and may fetch good discou...


  1. niesha does it have cash on delivery ?

  2. A total cheater site! never ever log on this site! i have had this experience twice! nothing goes well on this site....i purchased products n when i received that order one product was missing! after calling them nearly 6-7 times they assured me to give voucher of that amount! still the mail didnt turn up n again i had to give them a call n have the voucher!
    After placing my nxt order, i didnt even receive a confirmation call or a mail..then after 2 days i called up again to ask whether if they have confirmed the order, the lady on the other side said its confirmed n tld amount i wld have to pay! but when i received that parcel today they had applied a different voucher having lesser amount!
    when i asked them abt she said the prices of that product has increased...on this when i tld her that i am nt doin online shopping for the first time !! the things which are displayed their are only selected and you shld have those things with your ware house. she also offered me one more voucher!
    one most important thing that you shld keep in mind is dont believe on this online shopping site....its a total fraud!

    1. Ohh thats so unprofessional of them!!
      Glad you pointed out and shared that with us. I was about to place my order as I mentioned that in the post, so that I could share my experience with them on my blog here!
      You saved us! Thank you so much for the commenting.

  3. I am a woman I always like to buy beauty products. For me online shopping is always fun. I always buy beauty products from Because I trust them, I had very good experience with them. The products available here are genuine and branded. They offer COD option too. Their delivery is amazing and speedy.

    1. I know and had a great experience so far!

  4. Even I Have got products which are nearing expiery date from them, so I don't recommend this site personally

    1. So far I have heard only bad things about them as well!

    2. Hi Candy,
      Beautykafe guarantees product with min of 6 month expiry from the date you receive the product. And if some how costumer receive products close to expiry we do have free replacement policy for that. Can you plz let me such details of the product you received.

    3. Hi Candy,
      Beautykafe guarantees product with min 6 months of expiry from the date you receive the product and if in case any customer receive products close to expiry they do have free replacement policy for that. Can you plz let us know the details or snap of such products that you have received.

    4. Good to hear that you have product replacement policy and wants to sought out the issue!!

    5. Thanks for responding beautykafe team. Actually I got those products for my mom when I was in Chennai, It is with her in Chennai and I am in Hyderabad.

  5. the site is totally unprofessional, they say that you ordered something and changed your mind, you can return the same within 30 days of delivery. but when i wanted to return my product, they say a big "no" for it. they say that only if the product is expired or when the product is damaged they accept for returning it. does it mean that they do sell expired and damaged products!!! really cheap.

  6. Beauty Kafe has to be the WORST online retail store out there. Their customer service is ABYSMAL and I am comparing them to much smaller sites that I have shopped from repeatedly and have faced absolutely no problem from.

    Please don't recommend this site without a fair amount of shopping experience. Their return policy is an absolute SHAM! They will send you the wrong product....give you a stupid reason for the mistake. Instead of replacing the product they will say we will kind of adjust price in some strange manner or the CUSTOMER has to take the trouble to courier the product back!! Unbelievable! Who in their right mind will shop from them again??!

    This is not the first time I have had a problem with them but I thought they might have improved their services but nope...I was so wrong!

    I have shopped at Purplle, Slassy, many smaller sites but none nearly as pathetic is Beautykafe.



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