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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

NIVEA Introduces New Shower Gel variants

NIVEA Introduces 2 New exciting Shower Gel variants for women in India.

Hi everyone,
NIVEA India world’s Number 1 Skin care brand introduces two new variants of shower gels to their existing range. The two new variants – ‘Water Lily & Oil’ and ‘Power Fruit Relax’ are enriched with Hydra IQ, which leaves your skin soft and silky. Just in time for the summers, these shower gels not only helps you indulge in your skin needs but also leaves a lasting fragrance to soothe your senses.
The 2 new NIVEA Shower Gels for women contains exotic pampering ingredients that leaves skin smooth and   moisturized.   The gel-based   formulas also include stimulating   sophisticated scents, which gently envelop you and arouse your senses.
NIVEA Water Lily and Oil is a silky fresh gel with water lily & caring oil pearls that melt giving out a stimulating   fragrance.   This   sensuous   shower   gel   helps   you rejuvenate   after   every   shower  you take. The unique combination of its fragrance with the touch of pampering oil pearls leaves your skin feeling moisturized and well cared for along with a lingering feminine scent.
Nivea   Power   Fruit   Relax contains   anti-oxidants with   blueberry extracts that   help   nourish   your skin. This shower gel has a pleasant fruity fragrance of the acai berry that helps soothe your senses. The   fine mixture   of   power   fruit   and   blueberry   gently   cleanses   your   skin feeling   pampered   and revived.
These new variants will definitely give the Indian consumer a choice to experience a spa like feeling in their own shower every day!!
Commenting on the launch,  Mr.Rakshit  Hargave,   Managing Director of NIVEA    India   said, “Shower gels   have been   a   growing   segment   for   NIVEA with   the   transparent   gel   based   packs   for women doing well especially in summers. In keeping with this trend, we have introduced two new transparent shower gels this summer for women. The Indian consumers have selective needs and are   always    on   the lookout    for more    options.   At NIVEA,     we   intend    to cater to these   wide requirements of consumers by providing the biggest range of moisturizing shower gels in India”

These 2 NIVEA products are available at all major super markets and general stores and are priced at Rs. 175/-

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