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Friday 15 March 2013

Hair Style Handbook: Spring Summer 2013

Hair Style Handbook: Spring Summer 2013

Mumbai, April 2013: New season calls for an assortment of new styles. You can now stay on top of the best trends with our run-down of the hottest hair styles for spring/summer 2013. Far from playing it safe, this season is set to be in favor of a compilation of arty hairstyle. From the playful relaxed to the modern sleek looks, Najeeb Ur Rehman (National Technical Head , Schwarzkopf Professional) picks the most popular hair trends of the season:-
OSiS Sparkler

Long hair


Hair parted in the middle, braided close to the parting on both sides to ear level. The remaining long hair can be allowed to flow freely over the back. The soft braid, partially gelled back look is very appealing. Not only do the braids look artistic and beautiful, but also hold your hair comfortably to save them from damage. You can use the OSiS Sparkler to add instant sheen and luster to the look.


A slightly fanned out chignon is a trend that is here to stay. You can use gel to sleek back wide strands of hair on the crown of the head, the sleeked back strand of hair can be secured with two crossed bobby pins, also Backcombing, waves are looking very promising this season. Chignons can look austere, casual or undone. If you want a hairstyle to showcase you creativity, the chignon is the ideal choice. They are close to outranking ponytails in popularity and they can add a world of class, beauty and interest to your hairstyle. Use OSiS Session fix Spray to keep hair in place for several hours and enable creative styling

Medium and short hair

For Short to medium length hair the hair cuts with clean line, undercuts and multiple layering is very much in vogue this summer with lot of texture and movement, versatility in these hair styles would be the key to wear these styles differently for different occasions.

Colors - Spring Summers 2013 shows Intense Coppers, Red Violet and Beige are the hot colors this season, Earthy tones continued for this season as well, Schwarzkopf Professional Luminous series L-89, L-44, L-57 are the colors to watch out for.  

From super glossy braids to low maintenance chignons, retro undercuts and feminine crops, there's a look to suit everyone. So what are you waiting for? Try the new season hair trends now.
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