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Sunday 20 January 2013

Megan Fox: Celebrity Makeup looks

Megan Fox: Celebrity Makeup looks

Hello Girls,

In This post we'll see Megan Fox’s Makeup looks.
She is a Stunner and well known for her perfectly defined and shaped arched eyebrows with exotic eye makeup.
He can carry #udes, neutral and red equally which suits her a lot.
Here are some of her makeup looks where she looks gorgeous and can be inspiring enough.
As I always start with my personal favorite. This is one of her looks which I like.

She looks flawless and fresh with eyeliner thickened at ends only, not visible near the inner corners and baby pink shimmery eyeshadow dusted over the entire lid and underneath the lower lash line. Loads of mascara, very thin line of kohl and a neutral #ude lip color. 
Less is more for this look. Perfect skin with well groomed and filled in eyebrows.
Cat eyeliner, some mascara and baby pink lip gloss makes this look appropriate for day time. Sweep in some fresh pink cream blush to add some extra glow to the face.
If you would like to know which lip gloss, then Maybelline water shine lip glosses have so pinky shimmery colors to choose from. 
I would like to say something here ,when we talk of #ude lips.. What do you think?? Is it the beige lip color or just the color of your lips whatever that may be. Well!! I think #ude lips means the natural color of your own lips. Anyways, I do not think so that lip color lighter than your skin tone will ever look fab. This is one trend I not a fan of, if #ude means beige or light lip color. Anyways. Let's move on. :D
Okay, here is the look, which makes her look like an English Rose with her Rosy lips, pink blush and soft but subtle smokey eyes. Very think and precise eyeliner and bigger, thicker lashes.
This is look below is I am sure most of you have tried this neutral eyes and lips with deep color. If not, then do try it. Don’t Forget to apply your favorite mascara generously and make those lashes fluttery !!

Hope you liked !

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  1. woohhh ...awesome
    love her eyes , like woww...i'm just staring at her eyes niesh..

  2. In most pics her lashes are false, I think... She got a very nice face cut and jaw line.. loved her makeup

  3. I love how flushed she looks in each do.

  4. She's so beautiful!
    Very nice photos!

  5. Wow. Loved all her makeup looks. Shes super pretty.

  6. I absolutely love the pictures you have chosen. Have fallen completely in love with the natural ones! will try them for sure!!!

  7. loved all her looks specially the second one..perfect for winters

  8. nice collection, i adore her makeup. thanks for sharing

  9. Like her eyes alot

  10. She has truly gorgeous eyes, nice pics :)

  11. I have such a massive girl crush on Megan Fox LOL :) she's just perfect in every way.. loved the pics xx

  12. She is so ravishing.... :) nice pics...

  13. Really loved reading this post...:D


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