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Friday 4 January 2013

Faces Go Chic Eye shadow Time Wined Review and Swatches

Faces Go Chic Eye shadow Time Wined

Hello !!
Another eye eyeshadow little palette for you. I had this Faces Go Chic Eye shadow Time Wined quad but every time I will forget to review it and I have used it twice and both for the night time eye makeup. This is the cheapest and most affordable eye shadow quad I came across though not the best.

Eye shadow palette

Price: 299 INR ( you can get it less or on sale online)

Quantity: 7 g
Ingredients: Given on the packaging image below. 

Experience: This eyeshadow quad or palette comes in a sturdy transparent top packaging. It had four eye shadows: very light peachy color, pink, mauvey grey and a deep purple.
It comes with a dual end sponge tip eye shadow applicator phew that was long!!which I have not used it.. 
I did swipe the applicator across the shadow and try to apply the shadow on the back of my hand but these sponge applicators do not allow even finish and transfer less product too. Most of the pigment will get trapped in the sponge itself due to which it comes as a patchy finish. 
I would rather use my ring finger to apply. I have realized that actually that works great and I am now in a habit to pat on the eyeshadow with my fingers first rather then with the brushes. Just a tiny tip sharing from my experience!.:D
eyeshadow palette
All the shades are matte with average pigmentation. Nothing special to mention. I mean to say, if you use primer there are good if you don't they will get wiped off soon!That also makes the staying power kind of decently okayish...
I would say, this eye shadow palette would be great for those of us, who are looking for an affordable but quality palette with soft, subtle and everyday kind of colors!!
The purple shade reminds me of a color from the Tips and Toes Eyeshadow palette
But honestly, the palette was not as per my liking except for the deep purple color moreover the texture of the shadows is powdery as I mentioned earlier. 
I wonder why they put light shades in the palettes. I am sure most of you would agree with me, that light shades can wash out majority of Indian skin tones and warm shades can look beautiful at the same time. What do you think??
These are the swatches and you can yourself judge their pigmentation and the small eye makeup pic.:D where I have used the last two shades!

Faces Eye shadow
Time to sum up the pros and cons.
Easily available online and Faces Canada counters.
  • Affordable and you can get it for less or on sale online on sites like Medplusbeauty. (I like them a lot)
  • Sturdy packaging makes it travel and your purse friendly.:D
  • Key ingredients mentioned on the packaging itself.
  • Soft colors for everyday wear and appropriate for those of us who would like to go for subtle colors.
  • Low on staying power, I guess due to its powdery texture.
  • Average pigmentation though that can be intensified with primers.
Rating: 3 out of 5
Final words: I would not say that for the price it’s a bad product but I wish the colors could have been a bit more pigmented. If you are a beginner looking for an affordable palette with soft subtle shades that you can wear daily then you may consider it. Others shades are also available.
Faces Go Chic Eye shadow Time Wined Review and Swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 10:00 am Rating: 5 Faces Go Chic Eye shadow Time Wined Hello !! Another eye eyeshadow little palette for you. I had this Faces Go Chic Eye shadow Ti...


  1. pretty eyemakeup niesha..i hav chocolate in this and i also feel the same..pigmentation n stayin power cud hav been better

    1. Thank you Preetha.:)
      even i think pigmentation could have been a little better.

  2. i have this quad...i think its powdery too...will soon review it on my blog

  3. Loved your eye makeup Niesha :)

  4. Stealing this purple from store.. my mum will kill me for buying another eyeshadows... :-(

  5. Great review & EOTD Niesha.....I would definitely try the trick you have mentioned!

    1. Thank you Megha.:)
      Hope you like the trick.

  6. Beautiful EOTD Niesha..I have one of these too.. forgotten the name but its quite ok for the price..

    1. Thank you Parul :), i agree they are okay for the price and the beginners.

  7. Omg ! it looks so gr8 on your eyes , Love it :D
    xoxo <3


  8. I think there might be inconsistency in the quality. My taupe mauve palette even beats the Revlon ones. But when I swatched this one at the counter, I just hated it.

    1. Thats what even i think. Its not just this brand u have seen this quality change in other brands as well. which is not good when you buy a different shade getting impressed with the first one.

  9. Soo pretty! <3
    I seriously need to start using eyeshadows more.. these are tempting :D

    1. Thank you Neha.:)
      Try some eye looks and post them soon.. its always fun to see EOTDs.

  10. Lovely ETOD Neisha :) loved the palatte too...will try soon

    1. Thank you !!
      Its average product for the price.

  11. Love ur eye look. But this palette seems very okayish quality wise.

    1. Thank you Dollie.. its just average nothing great.

  12. u have got really pretty eyes niesha....lovely eotd :)

  13. Pretty colours!
    Nice eye makeup!


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