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Saturday 5 January 2013

Biotique Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Seaweed Under Eye Gel Review

Biotique Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel
Hello all!!
A month ago I bought this Biotique Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Bio Seaweed Eye Gel (whoa.. quiet a long name) let’s call it Biotique under eye gel only then. I am using it for the past 4 weeks and now it’s high time to share the review with you all.
Shadow and dark circles can take away the beauty of our eyes same goes with the puffiness. Eyes are the first feature which is beoing noticed when we meet someone for the first time or while talking to them.

under eye gel

But Due to inadequate sleep, stress etc we tend to develop dark circles. I personally do not have dark circles but I do have shadows and puffy eyes hence my search for treatments, remedies and of course under eye gel never ends.

Price: 199 INR
Quantity: 25g 
Shelf life: 3 years 
Ingredients: Listed below
Claims: Formed with the Seaweed extracts, this eye gel reduces and prevents signs of stress and tension. It reduces the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, thereby making them all fresh.
How to Use: Massage a little amount around eye area. Use in morning and evening.
Experience: Using an under eye cream or gel is really important even if you are not struggling with the dark circles, puffiness, fine lines etc. Since, under eye area is very delicate and do not have any glands that can lubricate and keep the under eye skin hydrated so, it becomes utmost essential to pat least an under eye cream or gel twice a day.
I like to use gels as they suit me and gets absorbed properly and for puffiness they are better than the cream formulations. I am not a fan of Biotique products after I used the Biotique Fresh kelp protein shampoo.

As I always say that so far Aroma Magic under eye cream and Gel have proved to be very good in terms of the price and the results. But when that was over I wanted to try some other brand and this Biotique Eye Gel caught my attention. Like most of the Biotique products this one has also green packaging and a tub pack.

The first thing which I noticed was its smell. It smelled like Vicks or like a balm that has a cooling and burning sensation. I smeared it on the back of my hand so as to make sure it s not that..:D… no, its not that. It’s a clear gel which is very light and gets watery in consistency as soon as you pat it under the eyes. Gets absorbed really easily which reminds me of Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel.
By the way always try to put under eye treatments with your ring finger since the skin there is very delicate and ring finger has the least amount of pressure and do not ever rub the area, just pat lightly.. less is more here.
I have used this for a month and only before going to bed. I have noticed that it has visibly improved the skin tone and puffiness was also reduced. Well… there are so many factors that can cause or reduce puffiness.. but still I will give it a benefit of doubt here.
It says that it has seaweed extracts and it does reduce dark circles which I would say it has not. The only thing it has done was to reduce puffiness, toned the area and that’s it.
So, there is no point in repurchasing it  when I can get the similar results with my Aroma magic gel at half its price. (I will try some other brands now)
  • Availability ( biotique products online)
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Absorbs easily
  • Tones the under eye area
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Key ingredients mentioned
  • Smells like a balm but not overpowering though.
  • I do not think so it will reduce dark circles when it cannot even reduce the shadows.
  • Price is more for the work is actually does
Rating: 3 out of 5
My take: Average product with little effects that can be achieved even by some other gel from a different brand at a lesser price too. I will not recommend!!. 
Biotique Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Seaweed Under Eye Gel Review Reviewed by Niesha on 4:45 pm Rating: 5 Biotique Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel Hello all!! A month ago I bought this Biotique Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Bio Seaweed Eye...


  1. That's too bad you don't find it very effective! I think something that is gel based is not going to be as effective as something in a cream for the fact that gels always seem more light weight and for refreshing the skin. Hope you find something better!

    1. It is an average product.. i will try something else now.:)

  2. A friend of mine used to use this way back in college, initially she had mentioned it used to sting her eyes but then noticed the dark circles go away. I would still stick to the other gel you recommend. very nice review :)

  3. I have lost count on how much I've spent on expensive eye creams that just don't help my dehydrated under eye area :( Estée, Arden, Dermalogica and Clinique have all failed search is still on....sigh!

  4. Again a very helpful post. I too get puffy eyes from poor sleep and always on a search for something effective. I have just ordered an eye cream and will let you know once I receive it and have used it just in case that helps. This one seems to have menthol which made it smell like Vicks and that;s just for puffiness. You can add a small drop of eucalyptus oil in anyt cream to reduce the puffiness. For dark circles or shadows, definitely more is required.

  5. Their tubs are soo boring na? Everything has the same design :|
    I wish it worked :( I never knew the aroma magic gel .. would have to try it :)

  6. Ever since Biotique's under eye cream had given me bumps, I had stayed away. but the gel looks really nice. Might want to check out again :p

  7. Nice review...I bought it for my sister in law and she too is very disappointed with this product..:)

  8. why do these companies can't make a good under eye gel ?? sigh

  9. nice too searching a good nd effective under eye product.

  10. Nice review!
    I wanted to ask you for a long time, have you stopped the second blog?


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