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Thursday 20 December 2012

VOV Perfection Lipstick review and swatches

VOV Perfection Lipstick Review and swatches

Hello my friends,
I have never used any lipstick from the VOV make up products but I have seen it on snapdeal.com so many times that I got tempted and decided to try at least one. This one that I am going to review today is VOV lipstick which is more like a liquid lipstick with a clear gloss for that extra shine. I was skeptical to use it but it has not failed to impress.
Price- 325 INR online don't have any idea about the price off line but I think it will be cheaper.

Quantity- Not mentioned
Ingredients- Not mentioned
My Experience- It’s my first  lip product from VOV. I actually got two of them one liquid lip color which is this and the other one is just the regular lipsticks at the similar prices. Earlier I was thinking of buying the VOV gloss but later ended with this.
Online it says that it is no 14 and it’s a bit hard to choose the colors as they don't have names but rather nos.
VOV Perfection Lipstick
VOV Perfection Lipstick review
This product comes with tiny bottles on both the ends. One of them has the base liquid lip color and the other one has a clear lip gloss. It reminds me a lot of the Colorbar masacara that I have or the latest Lo'real one!
I have seen such lip products in most of the brands like color, Revlon, L’Oreal Paris etc But as I am more into lipsticks and haven't tried any such thing yet.
VOV Perfection Lipstick
VOV Perfection Lipstick review

VOV Perfection Lipstick
VOV Perfection Lipstick review
It's a warm brown shade and like the other warm shades this will suit most of the Indian skin tones beautifully. Even if it's a color that falls under the category of browns still it will not make your complexion dull looking.
Honestly! I was not expecting such a beautiful shade from this brand. 
Pigmentaion wise, it's a very very pigmented matte color. Now, you will say. "what's that glitters thing in the bottle then??" :D well!! even I had the same question but those glitters are hardly seen when its on your lips. So, that makes it a matte shade unless you have used the gloss!
VOV Perfection Lipstick
VOV Perfection Lipstick review
Applicator is a regular sponge one that can deliver an even coating so nothing special or too bad here.
I noticed that when I applied, it was glossy and shiny but later within say like 5 minutes it became completely matte and nontrasferable to the extent that even if you will touch it, it will leave very faint impression or not even that!
So you can drink, eat kiss it's not going to leave your lip impressions on things and the person!! :D
Sorry for my ignorance but I would be honest that due to this very property of  theirs, these types of lip products are called overtime or longer lasting, something like that.. even if it comes from a brand like VOV. isn't it!
Maybe it’s due to the formula, but I wish they could have included the ingredients.
Now, I am really tempted to try the Colorbar one !!!

VOV Perfection Lipstick
VOV Perfection Lipstick review
The second bottle which contains the clear gloss can be used to make the lip glossy and poutier. I have used it twice and really liked it. Staying power is excellent though it starts to fade when you eat. 
VOV Perfection Lipstick
VOV Perfection Lipstick review
It does not have any odour or taste but there was a time when I felt it was slight bitter. Urghhh!
okay so, Here are the lip swatches of VOV lip perfection lip color:
LEFT: Only Color                                                           RIGHT: With the lip gloss
Did I miss anything?? nooo!! let's move towards the pros and cons then.

Pros of VOV Perfection Lipstick
  • You can buy this lipstick online at snapdeal.com and offline i have no idea.
  • Nice packaging and in budget makeup product.
  • Pigmentation is very nice.
  • Staying power is awesome.
  • Long and slender sponge applicator to apply.
  • Dries up to give you that matte look.
  • In spite of the matte final result you will feel that it is very hydrating, if you feel a little Try dab on some clear gloss on top.
  • Smudge proof and non transferable.
  • Water proof to certain extent.
Cons of VOV Perfection Lipstick
  • Ingredients. ????
  • second coat feels heavy so one coat is more than enough
Rating- 4 out of 5
My take- If you can ignore the missing ingredients and do not have any second thoughts about using this brand, then I will recommend to consider it. Go for the color of your choice.
And if you have already tried.. share your thoughts good or bad! 

VOV Perfection Lipstick review and swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 12:00 pm Rating: 5 VOV Perfection Lipstick Review and swatches Hello my friends, I have never used any lipstick from the VOV make up products but I...


  1. Replies
    1. even i was surprised to see such a pretty color from a brand like VOV>:)

  2. Seems good lip gloss I will try once :) Nice Review Neisha :)

  3. What?!! I AM so buying this one!!
    Hey, your lips look so beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Nivedita !
      try it i m sure you will love this..:)

  4. Attractive color! I like it and your review too. Thanks for your rating.

  5. Replies
    1. even i was surprised to see that in spite of it being a VOV, the color is gorgeous.

  6. You got a gloss + lipstick in 325 :D Good deal i must say :D hehe* The color is beautiful<3 I have never tried anything from vov. Must start i guess :D

    1. I just wanted to try.. but must say that they are not bad if you wear that occasionally.:))

  7. Nice colour :)
    I'd never seen an original vov product before, until I saw yours :D. Only seen the fake ones in comm st :D


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