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Tuesday 4 December 2012

Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost review

Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost
Guest post by Monissha
Hello all,
Time to review a lip gloss today and that will be Vaseline Lip care rosy glow strawberry frost.
Price- INR 60
Quantity-  9 gm

Ingredients and Claims-The ingredients used in this Vaseline lip care are Mineral oil, poly butane, fumed silica, polyethylene, methyl lactate propylPara Ben, cocoa butter, tocophenyl acetate, benzopheone-3, mica and perfume. This Vaseline lip care is specially formulated as it is loaded with fine silver and gold glitters that sparkle on your luscious lips, which are just wonderful!!
Comes in a cute pink tube with screw cap and the applicator is inclined on one side for easy application.
vaseline rosy glow
Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost review
About the product-The Vaseline journey started in 1859, when Robert Chesebrough, a dispensing chemist, discovered something amazing. He discovered a 100% natural product, rich in minerals from deep within the earth yet totally pure, which had remarkable healing properties when applied to cuts, burns and abrasions of the skin. That product was branded Vaseline petroleum jelly. Today, Vaseline products are available in over 60 countries across the world. Its rich heritage, healing qualities and efficacy have been passed on from generation to generation for over 130 years.
vaseline rosy glow lip balm
Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost review
Company claims- Look rosy and cheerful all the time by applying Vaseline lip care rosy glow- strawberry frost to your pale and dull lips. This Vaseline lip care keeps your lips moisturized for 24 hrs and gives sheer pink glossy lips. This Vaseline lip care is perfect for the one who is not comfortable wearing bright colors and always wants to look natural can just have a sheer glossy effect. This Vaseline lip care comes in a beautiful tube that is very easy to use and gives the taste of strawberry, which is very mild.

How to use-Apply the Vaseline lip care directly on the lips with the help of the tube and feel the difference with hot pink lips. You can also apply it on the lipstick or can use it directly to have shiny luscious lips. Apply double coat if you want loving red and hot pink lips.

vaseline lip care
Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost review

My Experience- I always wanted a lip care for me. Earlier I was using the usual Vaseline that comes in a jar. This time I wanted to try something better, and found out this range in Vaseline and got it immediately.  It smells so pleasantly with a light mint flavor. When I apply them I find it very cooling and it lasts to about 15 mins. It contains shimmer that makes it more adorable. It is completely non-sticky and non-greasy and gets absorbed into the lips.
I use it plainly on bare lips as well as over my lipsticks and it completely suits all tones of skin from dusky to fair which is really great. It is tinted and covers any dark pigmentation on the lips. The only con is that it just stays for about an hour after which it fades away and needs reapplication. It also gets easily transferred on cups and handkerchiefs. I have also used Nivea glamorous lip gloss in pink sugar and found this better.

4 out of 5
My take- Try it, for the price it is a good product.
Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost review Reviewed by Niesha on 5:55 pm Rating: 5 Vaseline lip care rosy glow strawberry frost Guest post by Monissha Hello all, Time to review a lip gloss today and that will be...


  1. Nice review Monisha :) I have the Nivea Pink Sugar one too

  2. I used it last winter and the reapplication part was soo irritating! Thanx for the review!

  3. nice review having nivea pinkish boost.

  4. Nice, I've yet to try the colored glosses from vaseline! I love the colored liquid ones from nivea though! I think I should get one, I haven't for years! I love how they can be pigmented and easy to wear! Nice swatch!

  5. never seen such vaseline consistency before:)

  6. Nice review Monissha.:)
    I have the same one i think.

  7. nice review monissha.. i have reviewed this on my blog and totally love the tint :)

  8. nice review it looks on your lips?

  9. now this product is just not available. is this product's production is stopped???? i love vaseline lip care rosy glow. its so good

    1. May be Tarani!! I need to check too! I agree it was very good!


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