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Friday 21 December 2012

Skincare in Winter and some tips

Skincare in winter

Winters have already knocked the doors and have also alarmed us to take care of our skin properly or else it can get dull, dry scaly and itchy. No matter what your skin types is oily or combination skin care in winter is extremely important to maintain the glowy and youthful skin throughout the season so that you can enjoy going out without worrying about your skin getting dry and dull.

So, here are some skin care tips that can help maintain a healthy skin.
Water- You might have heard it a quiet a lot of times that drinking plenty of water can do miracle for the skin by flushing out toxins and also hydrating the skin cells. With temperature gown down day by day, skin tends to lose moisture easily so to cope up with that drinking water becomes essential not only when you feel thirsty but otherwise as well. It helps hydrating the body and thereby reducing the dryness.
It is not good for a great looking clear skin but for a healthy body too. We all know that but try to make it a habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water.

Skin care products- Take extra care in choosing skin care products during the winters. Choose products that are specially formulated for winters and your skin type. It is also observed that in winters, skin type can also change as compared to the skin in summers or spring so try to use product that suit your skin type in winters. Moreover, skip or stay away from the skin care products that contain alcohol as one of the ingredients or base since they can further make skin dry by taking off the essential oils.

Moisturize- Moisturizing is the key of a healthy and glowy skin in winters whether we talk about the body or the facial skin. Try to moisturize every 3-4 hours when outdoors or whenever the skin feel stretchy or scaly. For the body skin, use body lotions and body butters once you come of the shower and your skin is still a bit wet so as to get the product absorbed easily and completely. If you are at home and sitting in front of the blowers or heaters then try to put some extra lotions and moisturizers as they can further suck up the moisture.

Lips- Due to harsh winter air, lips gets dry and chapped. Do not forget to apply Lip balms and stop licking them, this will make then dry further.
Chap sticks can be quiet useful. Keep them handy and just slather on whenever you feel even a slight hint of dryness. Try these detailed lip care tips.

Bath- Try to avoid too hot water to take bath since it can strip away the essential oils. Try to put in some essential oils in the bath water some days and skip the shower. His can be easily incorporated into the winter ski care routine.

Sunscreens- In winters we all love sun. right?? No matter how much we hate it in summers but then it becomes more important to use sunscreen with good SPF in it before stepping out of the house. Do not skip it even if you so not see the sun on some cloudy winter days.

Feet- Our feet are the most suffered and neglected body part. They want equal attention and care too just like the face. In winters they tend to get drier and get cracks hence try to moisturize them adequately and apply heel repair creams or foot creams at night. Go for regular pedicure if possible.

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  1. Great tips Niesha! I really need to start taking care of my feet.. They look old, dry and wrinkly because of the constant cold :(

  2. Very nice n required tips Niesha. Will follow! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Useful one....ya hot water tend to dry up skin more....well said dear :)

  4. Very useful post :)
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  5. its a very useful post..thanks niesha :)

  6. Great tips Niesha, my feet and lips suffer the most in winters.

  7. Great tips Niesha. I am using the new variant from Parachute? Heard of it? Its called Deep Nourish...soaks really well and stays for long. I am surely one happy customer. I have dry skin and moisturizing it in regular intervals is a must.

  8. This is exactly the kind of information i was looking for, great info,would like to bookmark it,thanks for putting up!!!


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