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Thursday 6 December 2012

orange eyelook: day to night eye makeup transformation

Day to night Makeup transformation
Hello all,

This time I thought of doing a look with orange eye shadow. Orange looks really great on fair to medium toned skin and brown eyes.
I did the same look for day time and the night time. Day time look is wearable though you can always adjust the intensity as per your wish and the night look was more on the smokey side. Some of you may feel it's quite simple but i may be helpful for people who don't like to get too bold..:)

The day time look with orange eye shadow. I only applied two colors i.e. orange as a base and then on the outer v a deep matte brown color. That orange color that you see is actually an orange lipstick which I used as a cream shadow; I was in an experimental mood. It makes me feel better whenever I am not feeling well. :D
I have also got my Inglot eye shadow and lipsticks today.. I am happy, will show you my haul soon.
I kept this look very minimal and have only applied mascara just one coat on the lower and upper lash line.
Here is the collage of all the pictures for day time look:

eye makeup tutorial

Then, for the night time look, I made it Smokey, by putting more brown on the outer corner. I took a dark grey eyebrow powder and with the help of the gel eye liner brush, I applied it as eyeliner. Since the base was creamy, the powder formula can stick quiet well. I lightly did the same underneath the lower lash line too.
Applied 2 coats of mascara and that was finished.
I always clean the edges of the eye shadow and the boundaries with a soft cloth and then put in some concealer which gives a more finished and neat look but this time I forgot that and moreover excuse my undone eyebrows. I am trying to change the shape of my eye brows so growing them. :D
Okay, so here are the night look pictures:

eye makeup tutorial

I think the night makeup looks more brown than the orange.
Hope you liked and enjoyed the look!!

orange eyelook: day to night eye makeup transformation Reviewed by Niesha on 11:00 pm Rating: 5 Day to night Makeup transformation Hello all, This time I thought of doing a look with orange eye shadow. Orange looks rea...


  1. you have beautiful eyes..i love the night makeup. i am your newest follower. take care.

  2. The eyeliner makes so much difference to the look.I like both.

  3. its a super pretty look it :)

  4. beautiful niesha.. u have lovely eyes!! :)

  5. wow...its just perfect look...really i mean its suitable for day & night...i will this look soon...thax dear...

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  7. Looks good on you :) Do post a pic of the whole look which lipstick you have a better idea ..

    1. Thank you Tanmayee, even i am thinking that will be a great idea.:)
      will do it soon.

  8. Great look Niesha! Love your lenses with the eyeshadow colour. They compliment each other! :)

  9. Lovely EOTD....And a great combination of shades....

  10. very very nice tutorial Niesha :) loved it


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