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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Nivea Repair and Beauty Lip Balm Review

Nivea Repair and Beauty Lip Balm Review

Hello again!!

Do you love trying new lip balms ?? Well!! I do a lot whether i use them all or not! if you say yes, then this post is for you..:D

As it's time to review a lip balm which I am using currently. It is called Nivea Repair and Beauty lip balm, that is specially meant to repair and heal dry and chapped lips. 

Lip balms can be really effective and handy if you have dry lips like me.:D

Nivea lip balm

Price- 149 INR for 4.8 g
Nivea Lip Balm Review
Nivea Lip Balm Review

Nivea claims-See the image below.

Nivea Repair Lip Balm

Ingredients- Mentioned Below..
Nivea ingredinets

My experience- Even if we are not much into makeup still almost all of us do use lip balms to hydrate dry lips. I have used Nivea fruity shine and Nivea rosy glow shine errrr no thats not what it's name is but it was the gloss like Nivea product! Still have it!
In fact Nivea's fruity shine lip balms are quite popular. I have used cherry and guava from that range and have finished both of them. No I have not eaten them just because they smelled yum!! ..:D
Anyways! This one is a bit different from the regular balms that I have used from Nivea or you would have used. It has a dual tube... the core which is formulated to give moisture and heal dry and chapped lips at the same time and the outer pinkish product claims to give some color and of course moisture.
The stick comes out to be quiet sturdy and not prone to break easily or melt. 

It says it has a touch of color but I couldn't see any color, its colorless. Or it may be so sheer that it is not visible at all. wait!! I see it gives a faint baby pink color which appears more white
It has a mild refreshing fragrance but sometimes I feel that it smells like toothpaste, yup you heard that right! may be due to menthol in it as one of the ingredients.
When I used it for the first time I felt a mild cooling effect which was great, its that cooling menthol sensation on the lips.
It is not greasy or wipes off quickly but rather gives moisture for about 2-3 hours then you may feel the need to reapply which I do!! (dry lips)
Just check out the pictures below, you can see a white core surrounded by a pale pink color.
Nivea lip care
Lip Balm Review

It does heal dry lips up to certain extent. I am also using this under my lipsticks since due to winters matte lipsticks can dry out my lips.
It has done a decent job in keeping my lips well hydrated! 

That's all... straight to pros and cons!
  • Packaging is good with sturdy stick that is not prone to breakage.
  • Easily available at drugstore, online etc.
  • Affordable price and quality.. include the good quantity given too
  • Nice texture and formula. (i mean neither too thick or runny when you apply)
  • It has very faint pale pink color that looks more white to me.
  • The dual core in white and baby pink looks pretty!
  • it has the potential and formula to moisturize the lips for good 2-3 hours without eating or drinking.
  • It does heal dry and chapped lips up to certain extent though that can depend individually.
  • It says it gives rosy pink color but it's so light that it ends up looking sheer white on your lips.
See if that's a major con for you!

Rating- 4.5 out of 5  
My take – Do consider/try it, if you love trying lip balms especially from Nivea. they are affordable at the price and can provide moisture and hydration to the lips, healing them at the same time up to certain extent.
**PR sample though review has been honest as always
Nivea Repair and Beauty Lip Balm Review Reviewed by Niesha on 12:58 pm Rating: 5 Nivea Repair and Beauty Lip Balm Review Hello again!! Do you love trying new lip balms ?? Well!! I do a lot whether i u...


  1. this looks really nice in the pics, will get one of these. man! the amount of lip balms I am going to have now lol

    1. try it.. its really nice. I still have this on my lips.:))

  2. I have used Nivea range Lip balm....I love it very much...This looks so cool...will try out...Nice Review Niesha...:)

  3. nice review Niesha.. i prefer color less lip balms :)

    1. Thank you Dimpal.. even i like colorless these days for a change. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing hun. I love Nivea products

    1. Thank you Simera, even i love their prods.

  5. I have the guava one and I love it!! :)

  6. Nice review Niesha :)
    Saw this lip balm in Health And Glow recently but resisted picking it up coz I have wayyyy too many lip balms already :D

    1. Thank you Neha..:)
      he he .. same with me.. i am a hoarder..

  7. Does it really smell like toothpaste? :D Ooo i love toothpast :D -.- I knoow that's wierd but i love anything minty :D My mum got one of nivea , jojoba i think , it's colorless but really lame. doesn't work, dries and leaves whitish lines .

    1. It does dear.. due to menthol i suppose..:)
      If you like that smell you will like this one too.!

  8. very nice review niesha :)
    it looks yummy ..

  9. Great review :)

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