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Friday 14 December 2012

Nivea Pure Effect Total Clean Up Review

Nivea Pure Effect Total Clean Up Review
Hello all,

You might have seen the latest ads featuring Parineeti Chopra for a product from Nivea.
As recently Nivea launched their Pure effect Total face clean up which is a multifunctional product as it claims to wash, scrub, removes oils and spots and can also be used as a face pack. Sounds interesting.. isn't it!!
I wanted to use this product ever since it's ads hit the screen! I guess Nivea realized it and send this sample product to use.! lol .:D

Nivea total face clean up

Lets see how this product is and Does it lives up to its claims or not.

Price- 99 INR for 50 ml
Shelf Life- 30 months from manufacturing date.
Ingredients- below mentioned.

My experience- This is the first time that I came across such a product that can be used as a cleanser, scrub and pack. All in skin care solution I should call it!!
I was using Cetaphil cleansing lotion and then I decided to give it a try, so Cetaphil took a backseat. 
I got the one which is for normal to oily skin. Do they have one for dry skin as well. supposedly not!!
This Nivea Total face clean up has a tube packaging which I love since they are very travel and user friendly. It has a nice fragrance that reminds me of clay, very soothing!!
Texture is gritty with tiny granules in it, which helps in exfoliation. 
Consistency is medium neither thick nor too runny, which also makes it easier to use it like face pack as per their claim since I have used few face packs that were too thick that you will end up with an uneven pack all over your face!

Nivea Pure Effect Total Clean UpNivea Pure Effect Total Clean Up

Nivea Pure Effect Total Clean Up
When I used it for the first time I only used it to clean and exfoliate my face, it felt nice since it has those tiny granules which gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin though does not lather. 
So, if you are looking or thinking of it to be a lathery product that It's not that.
It says that it removes oil which is does but thankfully does not over dried my skin which I am concerned about using an oil remover cleanser.  
Since I had a good experience with it as a scrub, I used it as the face pack as too. 
I really liked how it made my skin oil free, refreshing and not at all over drying. 
If you have oily skin then you can very well understand how stretchy it feels sometimes when your face wash or cleanser takes off even the natural oils while on a mission to eliminate all the oil!! Urghh, I never use such cleansers now! 
Nivea Pure Effect Total Clean Up

I have been using it for the past one week and honestly in short, it is a great product and that is only priced at 99 INR however, the claims that it reduces the spots, I can comment on that since even I have to wait for longer time to see the actual results that how it fares with that. 
Try not to do over scrubbing if you are using it everyday as cleanser. Not only this but any scrub, that is what my skin made me :)

  • Packaging is good and travel friendly.
  • Easily available.
  • It is budget friendly at the price and the quantity provided.
  • It does not lathers but still cleans.
  • Cleanses the skin properly and gently.
  • It does not dry out my skin which I am mostly concerned about.
  • Removes only the excess oil not the essential ones.
  • Granular texture helps in exfoliation.
  • When used like a pack brighten ups the skin instantly.
I can not find any major cons in this product but even I want to try it for some more weeks to see any improvements in my spots. It's a PR sample however, you can always expect the reviews to be totally honest which is the main policy of my blog's product review. 

My take – All in one, multi functioning product that not only claims to do everything but actually does that at an affordable price and quantity in a travel friendly tube. 
I will recommend it since I am using it and getting good results in winters as well. Do consider it!!
Rating- 4.5 out of 5 

Share your views if you have used it.

Nivea Pure Effect Total Clean Up Review Reviewed by Niesha on 10:00 am Rating: 5 Nivea Pure Effect Total Clean Up Review Hello all, You might have seen the latest ads featuring Parineeti Chopra for a product fro...


  1. it appears to bea super product... me laying my hands on it now!! :)

    1. It is Supriya, i am using it currently and loving it a lot.:))

  2. this seems like a good product! will give it a try!

  3. wow seems to be get it niesha..lovely review

    1. Thank you preetha.. Hope you like it too!!

  4. omg i am definitely buying this one...after i finish my clean & clear black head clearing daily scrub...great review :)

    1. Thank you Prayati..:)
      Always feel so good to see you back.:)
      Try it i am sure you will love it!!

  5. I guess,
    I will try this :):)

    Thanks Niesha for the review :)

  6. looks good ... I used such a product from essence..

    1. Thats great.. i am loving this product these days.:)

  7. It sounds great. Will definitely try. 3 main things: cleanser, scrub and pack. Then must give it a try :D

  8. I like both - the review and the product ;)

  9. Looks like a nice product! But I'm still left with my Jovees face wash so can't purchase this till it is over :(

    1. It is really nice .. so i will recommend that once you get done with the Jovees one then do give it a try.:)

  10. Nice review..seems to be a nice product..Will try it :)

  11. Nice Review dear..I am allergic with the cleansers with scrubber... :(

    1. Thank you Nandini, it is very gentle product. try it if you want.:)


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