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Sunday 2 December 2012

Inglot freedom System eyeshadow AMC 58 review and swatches

Inglot Freedom system eye shadow AMC 58
Hello all,
I am all excited to review another Inglot freedom system eye shadow which is AMC 58. It’s an absolutely gorgeous green color, yeah.. green is my favorite!!:D and Inglot refills have become more like familiar guest here on my blog.

I love it and In fact I love all the eye shadows by Inglot every refill is a good value for money and fabulously pigmented, not to forget the huge variety of colors to choose from.
inglot eyeshadow refill

Price- 300 INR
Quantity- 2.7g with a shelf life of 3 years.
Ingredients- All the ingredients are mentioned below.
inglot eyeshadow
inglot refills
inglot refill freedom system

Experience- By now, you may be knowing how much I like trying eye makeup (even if they aren't, that good) and what else can be more exciting to try new eye shadows especially, if it comes from the Brand like Inglot. I am not biased towards the brand. (well may be a little bit, par only zara sa)  
It’s just that their eye shadow range have remarkable  pigmentation. Earlier I got Inglot eyeshadow in DS 504, which was a fabulous blue color and then AMC 51.
I have lot of shadow with pearl finish and neutral colors, so this time I wanted different color apart from those and what can be better than a vibrant green, my all time favorite. (You might be thinking she is obsessed with greens :D)
This AMC 58, is an intermediate color between grass green and lime green with minute green and gold glitters. not chunky but visible when the light hits.These glitter particles not only makes this shade different from the regular mattes or pearly shadows but also makes it stand out.

inglot amc 58 freedom system eye shadow refill

It looks matte unless light fall on these reflective glitter particles. This is the fact that I like a lot and it can be easily used during the day time. To make it more glamorous during the night time, it can be teamed up with a complimentary jewel toned eye shadow. As you can see in the picture, it is very pigmented and not as powdery in texture as most of the eye shadows are. but then, it only has an average staying power just like the regular pressed eye shadows. And here comes the role of primers to take care of that.

inglot eyeshadow refill freedom system
inglot freedom system eye shadow refill

Refills are not much travel friendly so try to keep them in a palette or safe box.
I have already bought few more which I will be reviewing cum swatching!
Below are the eye swatches. I have only applied this eyeshadow and not any other product on my eye lids, just to show you its true color. I couldn't understand why it looks altogether a different shade of green in the pan, on hand and on the eyes. Strange!! but beautiful color.

Inglot eyeshadow refill freedom system

Now, this is a color that may not be liked by everyone as I assume most of us are more loyal towards neutrals and earthy shades. If you liked bold bight colors, then it definitely isn't is a bad choice. what say??

  • Available in Inglot store and refills are available at
  • It has a fantastic pigmentation even though same can't be said for the staying power
  • Texture is not way to powdery but easily blendable.
  • Gorgeous glitter particles makes the color look more appealing.
  • Complete list of ingredients is mentioned on the leaflet that comes along with the case.
  • Outer case may help protect the refill else storing them is always a pain.
  • Storing the refills can be a problem.
  • Staying power is average but then can be enhanced greatly by primers.
  • This color may not be liked by everyone. 
Rating- 4 out of 5
My take-I would recommend the range, if not the color as most of us would like to go for neutrals, but as except the color other parameters are similar within their AMC range and  variety of shades to choose from!

Inglot freedom System eyeshadow AMC 58 review and swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 3:23 pm Rating: 5 Inglot Freedom system eye shadow AMC 58 Hello all, I am all excited to review another Inglot freedom system eye shadow which is AMC ...


  1. Its a really pretty shade!!!I love these Inglot refills affordable and great quality!!!

    1. i absolutely agree Sophia, they are very pigmented and affordable:)

  2. Pretty your eotd with this .":)

  3. Replies
    1. Right Neha. Green is always gorgeous ..:) at least for me..:)

  4. Pretty Shade :)

  5. this is a really intense color!!! but I love it:)..thanks for the review:)

    1. My pleasure Tammy.:)
      Inglot shadow have remarkable pigmentation, i love them too .:)

  6. Omg thats such a pretty pretty pretty Green!!

    1. True lee, we are crazy green shadow lovers na..:)

  7. omg this is such a gorg shade

    1. That was the same reaction i had when i swatched it .:)

  8. Really bold intense colour...looks awesome on u :)

  9. I was waiting for this review :) Awesome, and I am really in love with this green. These are all refills. I haven't seen the palette reviewed anywhere, coz like you said, the palette would be more travel friendly.

    1. its a very beautiful green Gagan, :)
      hats right palette would be more travel friendly but when i was in their store i realized that the palettes were a bit expensive since they have the magnetic sheet underneath i suppose and they are specially designed to carry the refills.
      i am thinking of some other economical way they can be stored and carried, will share it once i got an idea.

  10. Wow ! Such a fresh color. Loved the EOTD !

  11. Nice colour!
    I will visit tomorrow to read the review because it is very late.
    I just wanted to say hi!

    1. oh that perfectly fine Demi, so sweet of you.:)
      i can understand,,<3

  12. I love love love love looooooove INGLOT! This is such a beautiful shade:) I wish Inglot was available in Norway...! xx

    1. yaay.. me too love Inglot lipsticks and eyshadows.:)
      hope they soon gets available there too.

  13. awesum shade!!!looks lovely on u di :)

  14. lovely shade... green looks awesome on you :)

  15. I love this color it's really pretty

  16. GoRgEoUs yOu..
    i am ur big eye make up fan..can't take my eyes off..
    lovely <3 <3

    1. Aww Thank you so much dear Richss.:)))
      <3 <3


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